Finding our way together

Finding our way together

Just some quick thoughts on lesssons I’ve learned (and I confess some of these are relearned) this week from my 5 year old son, The Whirlwind.

1) Friendships come from anywhere and they come on fast. And it hurts when friends (like frogs you discover at the pool) leave before you get the chance to say goodbye.

2) When you wake up in the morning, spend 20 minutes coloring before you do anything else. It guarantees that you’ll start your day with a smile on your face.

3) Hugs are best delivered with a running start and a flying leap.

4) Just because you have to do something (like take baths), doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to make them fun.

5) Love is absolute and absolutely infectious.

What lessons have your children taught you today?