So today’s challenge is “find one thing for every letter of the alphabet that you’re thankful for. Sounds straight forward enough, so let’s cut right to the chase.

A – Apple Pie — c’mon…warm apple pie with a scoop of ice cream? There’s no finer dessert on earth.

B – Baseball – There were so many choices for B (Beer, Blues Music, Bourbon) but ultimately, the rhythms, the ebb and flow of a game and sharing that with family and friends….yup…it had to be baseball.

C – Children – mine, yours all of them. Take the time to discover the world through children’s eyes. You’ll be thankful too.

D – My Dynamo — it’s just amazing to watch her grow and develop everyday.

E – Eggs — so simple and yet so versatile.

F – Family – near or far. I treasure every member of my family, even if I don’t tell them that often enough.

G – Grandmas & Grandpas – our children are so very fortunate that they know their grandparents and know how much those grandparents love them.

H – Home – Whether I’m coming home from a business trip, a work day, or a trip to the grocery store, I just love pulling into my driveway and coming home.

I – Ice Cream — See the definition for “A.”

J – Jingle Bells and the whole Christmas season.

K – Kitten — she’s Mama K to you, but my Kitten fills my world, “Heart and Soul. Now and Forever.” For that and to her, I am forever grateful.

L – LEGOs – Love spending a rainy weekend afternoon with the Whirlwind dreaming up new creations and vehicles with these amazingly simple blocks.

M – Music — I’m constantaly amazed at how music energizes, motivates, inspires and touches me.

N – Nieces and Nephews – they’re remarkable.

O – Oma — it’s German for Grandma – See “G” if you need a refresher on why.

P – Poppi – It’s the family name my kids use for my dad, their grandfather. Read “G” again, if you still need to know why.

Q – Quiet Time – that sweet spot in the day when both kids and the dog are all napping. Love that.

R – Red Wine — HEY! My doctor says it’s good for my cholesterol. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

S – Smoochies – you have to be careful in our house. You could fall victim to a random “muchas smoochies” attack. They come out of nowhere. It’s a great stress reliever and giggle generator.

T-  Taj Mahal — one of the greatest living Blues legends in music today. If you’ve never seen him perform live. Go find out when he’s coming to your town. Get tickets, go see him and experience the vibe. You can come back and thank me later.

U – Uncles and Aunts that share their time with our kids.

V -I’m drawing a blank here, but hey 25 out of 26? Those are Hall of Fame stats in Cooperstown!

W – Whirlwind – our son stuns me regularly with his observations. And when he laughs, I swear I can fly.

X – eXtra big, eXtra-gentle dogs. Specifically, Oakley our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. I’ll provide more on her when I get back to posting on our regular cast of characters.

Y – Youth Sports – as my son has gotten into organized athletics, I’m surprised at just how rewarding I have found the coaching experience. Those kids give me far more than I could ever teach them. It’s a great adventure.

Z – The Zillions and Zillions of smiles and laughs that I’ve had the great fortune of sharing with family, friends and co-workers. From the simple silly giggles to the eye-watering, hyperventalating, stop-it-I-can’t-breathe belly busters, I cherish every moment we’ve shared and I look forward to Zillions and Zillions more.