So, the ol’ Gratitude Challenge calendar says, “blog about something you feel grateful for in your life today.” I thought, “that’s a no-brainer.” Then I sat back and started mulling it over. There are tons of things I’m grateful for and over time, I’m sure we’ll get to all of them. In the end the one thing that I settled on wasn’t quite so obvious to me at first. I’m grateful for my health. Wanna know why? Because I neglect the HELL out of it and knock on wood, so far it has stayed with me.

Now I know that health is a relative thing. I understand that I’m not as healthy as I was when I was a younger man. I’m not athletic like I was back in high school. I’m seriously overweight. I like to quote the old blues line, “I’m built for comfort. I ain’t built for speed.” I eat way too much of all the wrong foods. I don’t exercise enough. I’m not going to run a triathalon any time soon. We’re not even going to spend time on the “why.” That’s wasted energy in my opinion. I guess when I say I’m “healthy” I mean it this way, when I  go see my doctor for my annual physical and they run all the basic tests that a man approaching 40 has to have, my numbers are confoundingly good. I mean they’re all within perfectly healthy ranges. It makes my doctor nuts! I don’t know why they’re that way, but they are.

So today, I’m simply gonna say, “thanks” to the powers that be for my relative good health. Then I’m going to log off, go turn in at a reasonable hour and get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, I’m going to get up stop taking that health for granted and I’m going to do something active to ensure that I don’t neglect that health any more.