So the month of September is quickly drawing to a close. Today is the first official day of Autumn, and it also happens to be world gratitude day.

Recently our home and our family  has been knocked off our stride by a variety of illnesses that have taken each of the family members out of our game from a couple of days to a week or more at a time.

None of it was overly serious, but with all of the health concerns in the world today, it was sufficiently intimidating to keep Mama K and I on our toes and our emotions on edge as we watched our children get ill, appear to recover, relapse and then finally (hopefully) recover for good.

I’m not using my kids’ or my wife’s illnesses as an excuse for falling out of synch with the gratitude challenge. None of us was ever that under the weather. But I am going to use them as motivators to get back in the groove. I can honestly say that as I struggled this morning to get the Whirlwind dressed, fed, and get all of his kindergarten gear recovered, packed and loaded (hey, it’s been buried in the end table for over a week now) I was enjoying the chaos. I also noticed that as my wife pulled The Dynamo’s gear together, packed formula, baby food, diapers, loaded the girl into the car seat etc as they were headed off in the other direction for the baby’s first day of Parent’s Morning Out, Mama had a simple satisfied grin on her face. I knew we were sharing a similar thought. We were both giving thanks for two children who so far are amazingly happy and usually very healthy. As I went out the door with that warm thought wrapped around me, I believe I found the motivation I need to focus on gratitude again.

Stick with me and follow along. If you like, you can play too. I’ve added a widget here that let’s you see what the task of the day is. I’d encourage everyone to take a moment, consider their lives and just take a moment to give thanks. I’m finding that it makes for a pretty powerful moment in my day.