To give credit where credit is due, I’ve derived the inspiration for this post from the team over at I took part in their Twitter party tonight (for great conversation and support on the role of dads today check out the conversations they drive at #DadsTalking) and the question was posed, “What favorite book, move or TV character would you use as a role model for your children?”

My immediate response was Hunter S. Thompson. Don’t look at me that way. I’ll explain that later. My second choice was pilfered from a new acquaintance @tshaka_zulu and that choice was King Arthur. Now the motivation behind King Arthur is obvious. His nobility is something that it seems to me, we all ought to aspire to.

The great Hunter S. Thompson, may not be as obvious a choice, but hear me out. I’ll be first to say that his addictions and escapades are nothing that I want my kids to emulate. However, I would challenge that his unwavering courage to stand by his convictions is something to be admired. Dr. Gonzo was ferocious and fearless in his writing. Fearless in the way that he spoke out through his work. And his commitment to what he felt was right was commendable. So I still feel that pick is justifiable.

A little later I got to thinking though. I think the character that I would most want my kids, especially my son, to emulate would be Westley from the Princess Bride. I would want my children to have the physical prowess to best the giants that they may face in their lives. I hope that I can inspire them to study and be devoted to their passions in life so that should the need arise they can out duel their respective swordsmen. I hope that I can instill in them the thirst for knowledge to expand their minds and their horizons to outthink the devious Vizzini’s of the world.

I hope that in their lives the find friends and forge the types of relationships where their allies will resurrect them should they fall. I hope they realize that their Mother and I will always be there in that cottage in the forest where they can always come for guidance. Although, I concede we may not have a miracle pill.

Most of all, I pray that each of my children finds that true love in their lives that bring them their own unique fantastic happy ever afters. That is what I wish for my children.