So here’s a lesson my son retaught me today. Thought I’d take a moment to share it and remind us all. Tell an adult to go stack firewood and they’ll grumble. “That’s work,” is the first thing will run through their mind. “I don’t want to,” is next. If they’re optimistic types or want to justify it, “well at least that will qualify as my workout for the afternoon,” may be the final thought before they set to it.

Tell a 7 year old to go stack firewood and they’ll attack that job like a madman. Know why? They have a different perspective. Where an adult sees work, the 7 year old sees “responsibility.” Where the adult sees “hassle.” The 7 year old sees “adventure.”

Let’s face it things LIVE in wood piles. Not just slugs and worms and the everyday bugs you see poking around in the yard. There are larvae that are hoping to survive long enough to turn into bugs. How cool is it to look at those and guess what kind of critter they’re going to grow up to be? There are termites and some seriously intimidating beetles crawling around in there. I dare you to screw up the courage to touch one of those armored looking things with your fingertip and not just some loose piece of bark or twig!

Sometimes there are even rodents in the wood pile! Mice, chipmunks and moles. How funny is it when one of those comes scurrying out because you invaded it’s home and it runs across your sneakers?! And if the weather’s right and you’re really lucky…you just might come across reptiles! Right there! Some of ’em have legs, but most of  ’em don’t. And they’re right there in the woodpile in your own back yard. Now c’mon? How cool is that?

So just a reminder. Keep it all in perspective and occasionally, borrow someone else’s.