So I think I’m going to take a cue from some of the other folks at CrossFit Durham and start blogging the workouts I do and the results and my thoughts/feelings about them. Should be interesting…as a bootcamper, I’m not working out at the same level as the other crossfiters. But for now, I figure as someone who’s still very new to the experience (after all, I’m only in my second month) the point of view on the workouts and total CrossFit experience will be a bit different from what others are posting.

This post is I’m going to double up, two workouts in one. I have to because we can’t tell a complete story without talking about both of them.

Monday, June 27 (Day 1 of Bootcamp)

Test Day — so the goal today is just to come in, get familiar with one another, learn some standard stretches and movements and then test ourselves on 4 events.

1) Air Squats for one minute, 2) Push Ups for one minute, 3) sit ups for one minute. 4) Then go out and run 200 meters twice for time. On the run, we all leave the start line at the same time. All of our individual times are recorded. From the time the last person crosses the finish line, a 2 minute rest clock starts counting down. At the end of that 2 minute clock, run another 200 meters for time. Obviously, there’s incentive to push yourself and finish faster to extend your rest time.

It was interesting in this class and take the test. This is my second 8-week bootcamp. I missed week one last time around. When I found CrossFit Durham, the bootcamp session had already started. They were gracious enough to let me jump in with the class already in progress. So I hadn’t experienced the Day 1 benchmark test.

The other reason it was cool, was because we did this exact same work out on the preceding Friday, June 24. It was the final workout for the bootcamp session. Makes sense, right? Take the test on the first and last day of camp and compare scores to evaluate progress over 8 weeks. For me, Monday’s workout became a validation of Friday’s results. Here’s why.

Friday, June 24

1 minute of Air Squats – 42 reps

1 minute of Situps – 31 reps

1 minutes of Push Ups – 28 reps (this pissed me off!)

200 m run – 1:35

2 min Rest

200 m run – 1:38

Monday, June 27

1 minute of Air Squats – 43 reps

1 minute of Situps – 34 reps

1 minutes of Push Ups – 27 reps (this really pissed me off!)

200 m run – 1:36

2 min Rest

200 m run – 1:36

Pretty consistent right? At least I can say with confidence that I gave it everything I had both days and the results seem to bear that out.

The reason the push ups cheese me off is because “back in the day” when I was in the service, push ups were my strength and sit ups were always my weakness. I was never a super stud in the Army. I scored well on the Army Physical Fitness Test, but there was always room to improve. But Push Ups were always my ace. To have them  be my weakest element right now is symbolic of why I’m doing all of this. My upper body, particularly my back, used to be one of my strongest features. Now it’s the area that I’m most concerned about.

I went into Friday’s test wanting 30 push ups in a minute and didn’t make it happen. I went into Monday’s test with the primary intent of getting those 30 push ups. In my head, I was willing to sacrifice a couple of reps in the other exercise sets to get them and AGAIN my arms let me down, literally. That’s all right though. This is a process, and I’ll continue to challenge myself.