Saturday, July 2 (Community Workout)

Stopped by the gym to take part in the Community Workout. This is a workout they do every Saturday. Folks can walk in, do a workout to get a taste of CrossFit and get a sense of the atmosphere at the gym. It was cool to take part in one of these workouts. I find that I’m wanting more and more to experiment with all of the various workout offerings, so I thought I’d check this one off the list.

The workout itself was very simple. AMRAP 100m run, 5 wall balls, and 10 pushups, repeat for 10 minutes. I did 7 Runs, 7 sets of wall balls and was halfway through the 7th round of push ups as time expired.

I should explain Wall Balls. Take a medicine ball (I used an 8lb ball on Saturday..should have gone heavier, more on that shortly) and stand less than arms distance away from a tall sturdy wall. Start the repetition in a squatting position, holding the medicine ball with both hands under your chin. Stand up out of the squat quickly and as you rise, use both hands to throw the medicine ball up against the wall to a height of about 10 feet.

When the ball comes down, catch it in your outstretched arms, bring it back down under your chin and squat back down. That’s a single rep.

I think I should have gone with a heavier ball because it would have forced me to concentrate on my form a little better. I caught myself starting to squat before I caught the ball. So instead of catching the ball at the top of the squat I was catching it half way down. The medicine ball picks up a whole lot more momentum in that extra two feet!

Push ups were really tough. Remember how I was bragging about doing plyometric pushups on Wednesday and working with heavier dumb bells on Friday? Yeah, well it all caught up with me on Saturday. The first set and maybe the second set were solid standard push ups. Good form. Not explosive, but clean and quick. Midway through the third set, I had to go to my knees to maintain proper form. By the fifth set, I was resting in child’s pose on my knees between every other push up. It was humbling. But it was the right answer to maintain good form and get the most out of the workout.

I tried to maintain better run technique too because these were short dashes and the workout was being lead by the endurance coach. He noted that I was attempting to apply what he’d taught. I appreciate that he recognized the effort. But by the second or third round form was gone and I was doing the clydesdale clop again. Honestly, I was thinking/grumbling over the pushups while I was running, so I wasn’t concentrating on my feet.

Working out with Coach Paul was very cool. I enjoyed doing a workout under a
different set of eyes. Coach Paul is amazing. I would call him a machine, but
machines have off switches. I don’t believe he ever powers down. The guy would run the Energizer Bunny into the ground and leave him in tears. And I say that with complete respect and awe! Paul is remarkable. Don’t believe me? Here I am whimpering about tapping out during a 10 minute workout, right? When you’re done with this post, take a minute and go check out Coach Paul’s blog and see what he accomplished yesterday. It will blow you away. His passion and enthusiasm for CrossFit are absolutely contagious. He just makes you want to try harder.

Now I find myself facing a decision about Monday’s workout. There’s going to be a consolidated 9am bootcamp and a 10 am Hero workout.  I’m honestly not sure which I’m going to do. Initially, there was only going to be one work out offered on the 4th, the hero workout. I had myself screwed up and mentally set for it, but now I’m not sure. I know Coach Paul’s answer would be, “just do both.” In fact he suggested that yesterday. Tempting as it is, I’m worried I’d sandbag the bootcamp trying to conserve energy for the second workout. Oh well. As long as I do one of them, it’s a good thing, so either way I win. We’ll see.