Warning: if you’re going to read this one understand that if I were a more gracious host, I’d be serving cheese with the whine that’s about to follow.

In short, THE SUCK won today. There’s nothing else for it.

The work out was 4 rounds of: 400m run, Walking lunges 10 reps each leg, and 10 Thrusters. All done for time.

Walking lunges are just what they sound like. Imagine carrying a dumb bell in each hand at your side and stepping out forward in an exaggerated fashion so that you bend at the knee on the front foot and the knee on your trailing leg kisses the ground behind you. As you rise, bring the trailing foot forward and step through so the trailing foot steps out as the lead foot and repeat.

Thrusters are a combination squat/dumb bell press. Start w/dumb bells resting on your shoulders. Squat down. When you explode out of the squat to standing press the dumb bells up over your head until your elbows lock out. Return the dumb bells to your  shoulders. That’s one rep. They’re intended to be done quickly, explosively. I was not explosive today in any sense of the word.

It was just one of those days where every thing was off a couple of degrees. (Grab your cheese, here comes the Whine….) It was 75 degrees and felt like 80% humidity at 6 am. Not the most  comfortable running conditions. I couldn’t eat before working out because I had a physical at 9am and was fasting for that. Not sure if that explains the lag, but it was there. I wore the wrong gym shorts. The pair I wore were too large. I was distratcted keeping those up as I was running…see what I mean? Just off…and whiny.

My legs were heavy like lead from the second run on. That’s where THE SUCK won. I went out the door. Started my run and one voice in my head said, “oh boy, we’re in trouble.” Usually another voice says something akin to, “no we’re not! Pick it up.” Today the second voice said, “yeah we are.” After that everything was a slog. I chugged through it in 18:31 and did it all with 2x 22.5 lb dumb bells, so I didn’t compromise my personal goals/standards. I might have been better off with 20’s though, if I’m honest with myself. I definitely want another shot at this workout on another day.

On the upside, the whole group was very encouraging to each other as we were motoring along. Folks could see I was flagging and they were pushing me through. At the same time, they were challenging and supporting each other. I really like seeing that. Makes me feel like we’re developing our own community within the larger CrossFit community. This group of people is growing in our relationship through our shared experience. That’s fascinating to be a part of and to watch it grow.