Love this work out! Even though it breaks me every time. Ha.

It’s a very simple premise. When the clock starts you do a 10 meter sprint. That’s it. Rest until the next minute starts. When that second minute begins, do 2 x 10m sprints, then rest. When the third minute begins, do 3 x 10m sprints, rest. You continue to progress upwards like that adding an additional 10m sprint at the start of the next minute until you fail to complete the allotted number of sprints in the designated minute. I completed 13 sets successfully. But as I crossed the line for my final sprint on that set, Coach Ashley was already counting down the last 3 seconds for the start of the 14th minute. Without even a few seconds to catch my breath and a cramp in my calf that’s still with me 3 hours later, I didn’t even attempt the 14th minute.

Little bummed because the last time we did this workout, I also completed 13 sets. Would have been nice to get through at least one more set, just to be able to say I made improvement. But that’s all right.

We also did 30 pushups and 50 sit ups to cashout. Did the push ups in sets of 20, 5 and 5. Did the sit ups in sets of 30, 10, 5 and 5. Still can’t believe that I can’t do an uninterrupted set of 30 pushups. It just bugs me, but I’ll get there. One more addition to the ever growing list of goals for this course. I’m going to have to do a quick post consolidating all of those into one place, just for accountability purposes.

Received a funny compliment from one of my fellow bootcampers. He told me a) I’m his benchmark for his own personal progress through the class (specifically with regards to his running; (amusing, and simultaneously humbling to think that someone is using me for inspiration) and b) he told me I’m “deceptively quick.” That made me laugh out loud. I don’t think anyone’s EVER used the word  quick, in relation to me and running. Actually, that’s not true! That’s the second time in 48 hours that someone told me I’m faster than they expected. The Whirlwind and I were playing tag in his grandparents’ backyard Saturday night after dinner and at the end of the game he told me that I was faster than he thought I would be. I’m not fooling myself, I’m still a Clydesdale, but I’m getting better.