Subtitled:”Be Careful What You Wish For”

I say that with a smile and complete sense of fun. We did a workout today that was exactly what I asked for. When the last bootcamp session ended, CrossFit Durham sent out a survey asking for feedback. One of the things I suggested was that it would be great to have at least one workout over the course of the session where we were doing the exact same work out as the “regular” crossfitters.

See in bootcamp we don’t do all the things that the crossfitters do. We don’t have all of the training on proper form for Olympic style exercises. In general terms that applies to just about any exercise that incorporates a barbell. There’s a separate foundation class that teaches you those moves and educates you so that you can do those exercises without landing yourself in a hospital bed. I’m looking forward to taking that class at the end of this bootcamp session. Plus, I’m not sure there’s enough equipment to go around for the bootcampers and crossfitters at the same time, if we were regularly doing the same workouts.

So today’s workout was just what I was looking for. We did a 400 meter run for warm up. Then 3 rounds of 400 meter run and 21 Burpees for time. It’s the Metabolic Conditioning (METCON) workout the crossfitters did on Tuesday. So simple. So efficient. So exhausting! Now, on Tuesday the crossfitters did strength training (deadlifts, I believe) before doing the METCON, so they had a more extensive workout, but still this METCON established for me exactly what I was hoping.

I got through the workout in 11:50. Pretty respectable. I was right up in the top of the pack for our group today. I know it wouldn’t have been as strong, if I did the strength training but I’ll set that aside for the moment.

From my perspective the workout had value beyond the physical benefits. It demonstrated to me, and hopefully to fellow bootcampers that if anyone doubts their abilities, they really shouldn’t. Some days I look over at the group doing the CrossFit workout after we complete a bootcamp work out and it’s like watching the ‘big kids’ play games that you think you’re just not strong enough to play. Remember when you were in early elementary school and youand your classmates played on the swings and the slide while the upper Elem kids played kickball and soccer, etc? You didn’t dare go over there and try to get in on the game, because you could see them doing things that you just didn’t think you were capable of? They were just apparently so much bigger, stronger, faster. Some days for me it’s that kind of feeling.

So banging out a workout today that is exactly what the ‘big kids’ did yesterday gave me a shot of confidence. It’s also why I appreciate that CrossFit Durham allows and encourages bootcampers to participate in the Hero WODs as they occur. That periodic confidence boost of “ok, I can hang here” does great things for my mindset. Keeps me pushing forward.