This was a fun team workout. There were two teams of two, and my team composed of three partcipants. The work out was 10 minutes of constant motion. There were 4 stations (no kettlebell swings for my team of three) with a team mate at each one. The four stations were: kettlebell swings, pushups, boxjumps, and a 100m run.

When the clock starts everyone begins performing the exercise at their

station, counting their reps. When the runner gets back, he/she goes to the kettlebell station and tags in. The “swinger” tells them how many reps they completed while they were out running. The “runner” is now the “swinger” and picks up the count at the next rep. The swinger moves up and relieves the person doing push ups, and picks up the count at the next consecutive rep. The former pusher becomes the jumper at the box jump. The former jumper becomes the runner. You continue this relay cycle for the full 10 minutes. The team’s total score is the accumulation of the all of the reps at all of the stations.

Our team did 308 reps (sum of push ups and box jumps). I think I went through the whole cycle 5 times. Not 100 percent sure on that.

It was a cool workout to be sure.

Then we talked nutruition. Time for the 30 purge! That’s not fair. Coach Ashley asks us to really think about our diet, because let’s face it, these morning workouts would be wasted, if we’re not eating right. The mission is to give up a food or food group that we know isn’t good for us for 30 days.

Ideally, at the end of the 30 days, you’d keep it out of your life entirely. So in a fit of adrenaline-induced delerium, I agreed to give up, caffeine, dessert, and to restrict my dairy to milk only. Mornings have just gotten a whole lot harder!

My morning routine was two big mugs of coffee a day with cream and two sugars and frequently a yogurt. Maybe two, commonly chased with a piece of fruit. I suppose I could eat breakfast cereal, but that kind of violates the spirit of what I want to accomplish here with restricting the dairy. My intent is to limit the milk to what I drink, and to limit that to the minimum daily recommended allowance. So breakfast cereal is kind of taboo in my mind.

Gonna be eating a lot of eggs and bacon apparently for the next 30 days. They’re gonna love me at the Farmer’s Market the next time I get over there.

Dessert — well, that’s just common sense. I know I don’t need the ice cream, or whatever at the end of the day. I needed to break the cycle I’m in of indulging every day with a day end sweet.

I’ll let everyone know how it goes. The caffeine is going to be tough. I got a perfectly fine night’s sleep last night, yet my head has been heavy all day long today. Oh well.