Whew! Great workout today. This one’s going to hurt tomorrow! Know how I know? 45 minutes after the work out, when I arched my back to rinse my hair in the shower, I could already feel the muscles in my side clenching! Hoo-hoo!

Today’s workout was a Tabata style work out. Remember those? I think I’ve described them before. You do a single exercise for a total of 4 minutes. Exercising for 20 seconds, then resting for 10, continuing that cycle for full 4 minutes, completing 8 sets of exercise. At the conclusion of 4 minutes, move immediately into the next exercise. Coach Ashley had 5 exercises lined up for us today for a total 20 min work out.

The exercises were:

Kettle bells – will require some explanation.
Push press
Box Jumps
Double Unders
Mountain Climbers

The class knew we were in for something special when Coach Ashley started rattling off the toys we were going to use today. Anytime you have to make two trips to the toy box for all of your gear, you know you’re going to get a challenge!

I missed the name for the Kettle bell exercise. I’m calling it a seated trunk rotation. Sit on the floor, with your legs at 45 degree angle, feet planted. Place the kettle bell on one side of you and grab it with two hands at the base of the handle. When time starts, lift the kettle bell from one side of your body, rotate your torso, taking the kettle bell across your body and touch it to the floor on the other side of your body. Lift, rotate, set it down in it’s original spot. That’s one rep. Coach advised us that if we’re typically working with 20lbs or more on a kettle bell, we may want to rethink that and downsize. Part of me didn’t want to compromise my personal goals of never using less than a 30 lb KB. But I figure if Coach says, “be careful about doing more than 20 lbs,” I’ll take that advice to heart. I grabbed an 18. At the time, even immediately after the complete workout, I thought I could have done more on that portion. Now…I’m glad I listened.

With 8 sets within each exercise, 5 total exercises and no time to record, keeping track of reps was very hard. I have impressions of what I got done but not hard numbers. I am confident that on this exercise, I never did less than 10 reps, and got 11 on a couple of sets.

Push Press — Being stubborn, I refused to compromise my 20lb personal goal on the push press. That was either very brave, very ambitious, or very foolhardy. At any rate I did it. I’m sure I got 3 sets of 10 reps to start out. After that things deteriorated quickly. I was too concerned first and foremost with not dropping a dumbbell and secondarily concentrating on my form to worry too much about counting. But I think the last 5 sets went something like 8,7,7,7,6.

Box Jumps — I was very pleased with my box jumps. I used the 20 inch box, in keeping with my personal goals. I got 7 sets of 6 reps each and grabbed 8 reps in the final set. The overall numbers aren’t impressive, but to keep up the pace for the whole 4 minutes, and to charge through and pull out extra reps in the last set gave me a bit of a push.

Jump Rope/Double Unders — I’m not even going to pretend I was counting reps. I was all over the place with the jump rope. While I don’t have total counts, I do know that in the 7th set I pulled off 35 singles uninterrupted, and in the 8th/final set I got 40 reps uninterrupted. Double unders weren’t an option for me today. I would have been burning up too much time tripping, untangling and resetting. I know. I tried a couple early on. They were ugly. I reverted to singles to stay in motion.

Mountain Climbers — I know a lot of people don’t like burpees. Given a choice, I’ll pick burpees every time over Mountain Climbers. I don’t know if it’s my body type or what, but these just kill me. The combination of being doubled over on my hands, and driving my legs just makes these brutual! My head’s down, my lungs are up, breathing is impossible. I know on this one, I never did less than 12 reps a set. I also know that I did 15 reps on the final set, the last set of the day, and I did it uninterrupted. That was a small personal goal. I knew I’d stalled more than I should have in the 6th and 7th sets, so I decided the last set had to go end to end and I pulled it off.

I was relieved to look around the room after the conclusion of the workout and see that the rest of the class appeared to be as absolutely gassed as I was.  This one was a beast, but it was awesome.