Hoo Mercy! Started the week off with a Deck of Cards workout! Good stuff. How you do it is each suit represents an exercise. For example, spades are air squats, clubs are push ups, diamonds are box jumps, hearts are kettle bell swings. Coach draws a card and you do the number of reps based on the face value of the card and suit. So a 7 of hearts is 7 kettle bell swings. Face cards are all 10 reps and aces are “special.” Regardless of suit, an ace represents a 200M run.

Coach just keeps drawing cards and calling out new numbers of exercises and reps. She was careful to stay a card or two ahead of us so that there wasn’t a chance for down time. Of course, she had that covered too. In case there was ever a pause where she hadn’t drawn a card and you were waiting to find out what the next exercise would be, just do sit ups!

Getting an accurate count of reps wasn’t possible with today’s workout. I mean technically, we could do the math, right? But I’m in Marketing because there is no math. Besides, we didn’t get through an entire deck. We timed out somewhere just before 7 am, after 20+ minutes of exercise. Coach Ashley was using a virtual card deck on her iPhone (should have known there was an app for that). She figures there were probably 4 or so cards left. Which ones, is anyone’s guess. I’ll say this. I don’t think we missed too many face cards!

Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to count reps I tried to concentrate on unbroken sets and form. I’m pleased to say that all push ups were strict push ups. No resorting to the knees. I laugh at the fact that I keep getting scolded for my form on push ups. All the years I was in the Army, they kept hollering at me to lift my hips to ensure that just my chest touched and I wasn’t lying around. Crossfitters keep telling me to drop my ass to get a true plank position and ensure that everything hits the ground. Ah well, gotta play by the house rules right? I’ll get it. Wish I could say all sets were unbroken, but I know there were a couple of times where I had to reset.

Box jumps were good. Used a 20″ box and all those sets were unbroken. OK, well there was that one set where I did push ups on the polished concrete floor right behind my box, you know, the area where I would then be jumping up and down? Yeah there. Rookie mistake. I thought I was being slick and saving myself a couple of steps. Yeah, it was slick…an oil slick. When I tried to start a set of box jumps I slipped in the puddle of my own sweat. But that was an accident, not a break.

Air Squats were also pretty good. All sets were unbroken, but I caught myself rocking forward onto the balls of my feet a few times. I had to really concentrate to keep my weight back.

Kettle Bell swings were off. I used a 25lb kettle bell, which compromised my personal bootcamp goal of always using 30lbs or more, but that was a Monday morning brain fart, not really a conscious choice to cheat myself. With 4 other workouts this week, I’m not too concerned with depriving myself. All of those sets were also unbroken, but something’s tweaked on my right side. Not sure what I did, but it’s just a bit tighter than everything else. I do know that it started and bugged me most during the swings. Will have to keep an eye on that the rest of the week.

I was also pretty pleased with the 200m runs. The first and last were the strongest. The last one in particular. Because of where I was located in the studio, I was one of the last folks out the door. Fortunately, I was able to really let go today and let gravity take over on the downhill on the last run. Moved from one of the last out the door to third one back in the door on that run. Not that I’m competitive, about this stuff. 😉

Great way to kick off the week. Can’t wait to see where things go from here.