In which I learn to count…again. I realize that child’s play really isn’t when you’re doing it CrossFit style and I go military.

Fun workout today. 15 min AMRAP 10 situps, 20 Mtn climbers, 30 single unders, or 15 double unders, if you’re capable. I knocked out 11 full sets, plus a 12th set of sit ups, and 10 mountain climbers. Pretty pleased with that.

All the sets of sit ups were unbroken. So were all the mountain climbers. Jump rope-I stuck predominantly with single unders to keep things moving forward. Don’t believe I had a single unbroken set. There was lots of resetting. Often multiple times in a set. From set 5 on, I attempted some double unders from reps 20-30, just to practice. I had mixed results. On the rare occassion when I do string a couple of double unders together, my feet get away from me. It’s very difficult to remember that the only thing that should go faster on the double unders are your hands. As soon as I start cranking my wrists up, my feet want to start jumping faster, and invariably that means rather than hopping, I start kicking them out behind me and I lose control. I’m continuing to realize that jumping rope is serious stuff in the gym. Ah well, I’ll keep working at it.

Executing mountain climbers seemed easier today. Was VERY pleased with that. I’ve talked before about how tough mountain climbers are, but they weren’t as challenging today. In the past, it’s always been an issue of breathing for me, or lack of breathing, if we want to be more accurate. I’ve always felt like the positioning left me to folded up to breathe. That really wasn’t an issue today. So I was able to drive through the sets without pausing.

Counting mountain climbers was NOT easy for me today. It’s a case of more military training taking over my brain. In our Crossfit Bootcamp. Every footstrike is a repetition. So your right foot comes forward, your left extends back, that’s one rep. Pull your left foot forward, extend the right foot back that’s two. Simple right? Not for this ex-soldier apparently.

In the service we always did four count mountain climbers. For those of you who’ve ever gone through a true military work out. Do them with me now. “The next exercise will be the mountain climber. I’ll count the movements, you count the repetitions….start position…MOVE!” Everyone’s down and set now, right? “IN CA-DENCE, EX-ERCISE!” Count 1: right foot forward, left extended. Count 2: left foot forward, right extended. Count 3: right foot forward, left extended. Count 4: left foot forward, right extended. Everyone shout it out now: “ONE!” You’ve now just completed a single Army style repetition of the mountain climber exercise. You can see where my confusion occurs, right? It’s just ingrained in my head that this is how you count a mountain climber. So periodically, I find myself doing extras.

I even checked with Coach Ashley before we started to make sure I knew the count she wanted us to use and still caught myself in two sets using a four count rep! So I know I got in a couple of extra mountain climbers, which in the grander scheme of things was probably to my benefit. Someday, I’ll learn to count….maybe. Maybe I need Whirlwind to teach me the numbers 1-10 in Japanese again, like they practice in the dojo when he’s doing karate. Perhaps if I concentrate on using numbers in a foreign language, I’ll pay more attention to the count, and less attention to the pain. It’s a thought.