So the foundation class on Thursday night was a bit humbling. Not a bad experience, but it did remind me that for all of the things that I’ve accomplshed so far, I’ve got MILES to go.

We learned how to do hang power cleans and hang power snatches using a PVC pipe. Working with the pipe allows us to get used to the movements and positions without actually wearing ourselves out or injuring ourselves under weight. Those are some funky funky moves too. When you’re doing them properly and quickly, there’s a lot of body parts in motion in a very short period of time. It can be a real challenge to coordinate them all and make them happen in the right order!

We also did overhead squats. It’s a fairly straight forward exercise. Take a barbell lock it out over and almost slightly behind your head with your arms fully extended. Then perform a solid squat down and up. That’s a single rep.

So the workout to accompany the training was “do a set of overhead squats, then do a set of push ups.” The first round was 10 repetitions of each exercise. The second set 9 repetitions, the third set 8 reps, progressing down to a round of 1 repetition of each exercise. The goals of the workout are to concentrate on proper form as well as to do it quickly.The workout is timed afterall.

I worked with a 45 lb bar without any plates. I initially thought, “Huh, no weight? I should breeze through this one.” I was wrong. I was SO wrong. I don’t know why I continue to forget that the workouts that look simple on paper are the ones that always crush me.

The first two rounds were solid. Squats were decent. The “other” Coach Ashley offered some helpul suggestions and constructive criticism, reminding me to keep my core tight and to drive up more explosively with my hips when rising out of the squat.

By the round of 8, I was unable to do the push ups unbroken. That caught me off guard and aggrivated me. I had to do them 5 and 3. I didn’t anticipate being that tired.

By the round of 3, it was legitimately difficult to put that 45 lb bar over my head and lock out my arms to secure and stablize it. I Kept thinking to myself, “It’s not that much weight. Just throw it up there and lock it out.” But the message took awhile to transfer to my arms. Eventually, I got through all the reps and sets. I think my final time was just under 9 min. It wasn’t a bad workout just a surprising one. Typical of CrossFit to remind me how much I have to learn as soon as I was getting confident.

Bootcamp was cool today. The workout was 10 reps of wallballs and sprints. 6 rounds for time. I used a 16lb medicine ball. The sprint was probably 150 yards or so round trip. Not really sure. We don’t have that particular stretch of property properly measured.

I finished that part of the workout in 8:33. 5 sets of the wall ball were performed unbroken. I dropped the medicine ball on one rep during a middle set, so that one got away from me literally. My first run definitely qualified as a sprint, for me. The middle ones, not so much. I ran hard but I’m not going to try and pass them off as sprints. I did make sure that I churned out the return trip on the last sprint. We’ll call that one a gallop.

Once we finished, THE Coach Ashley walked us to the far end of the field and had us do walking lunges all the way across the field for time. That took longer than I anticipated! About 4:15. I swear, the last 10 yards or so the building we had to touch as our finish line was moving away from us!

I elected to do the 7:15 am bootcamp today rather than the 6:15. That was cool. Nice to work with a different group of students and make a couple of new friends. The 7:15 group is a smaller pack than the 6:15 crew. Good bunch of people. They tolerated my general silliness. In fact, as we were finishing and wiping down our gear, I thanked the group for letting me come out and play with them. One of the women thanked me and told me that my enthusiasm was really welcome and appreciated. That was pretty cool.

It’s funny. I know this is exercise and it’s serious business and I do take it seriously. I’m paying attention to instruction, taking it to heart and trying to apply it. I’m trying to get better everytime I enter the gym. At the same time, the thing that really appeals to me about the whole CrossFit dynamic is that it’s so much fun! I just have this very real sense of play when I’m doing all of this and that really suits me. It’s a large part of why I’m getting so fanatical about CrossFit. I’ve said it before, to me CrossFit is recess for grown ups! There are days when we’re working out where I know in between gasps for air, I’m wearing this really silly self-satisfied gym, because it’s all so damn much fun.