Breaking old personal records! I have to keep this one brief, but I had to put it out there. It was a great workout today at Crossfit Durham. Since we’re in the final week of the current boot camp we’re repeating workouts conducted earlier in the class to gauge our performance.

Bottom line up front: made some great progress in the last few weeks and I’m really psyched about that.

The workout was a repeat of the one we did on 7/6. 12 minute total work out. Run a mile for time and then come back and do kettle bell swings for the balance of time until the 12 minutes is over.

Last time I ran the mile in 8:25. My personal best prior to that with just a mile run was 8:16. It got me wondering if I could get under 8 minutes. I’m pleased to report that I did it. I ran the mile today in 7:46! Now on to 7:30 or better!

I was intimidated at first, because I don’t wear a stop watch when I run. I knew the prior times of some of my faster classmates and intended to pace myself off of them. I knew that if I could at least keep them in sight, I’d easily meet my goal. Well I hung with them for about the first 600 to 700 meters and then they were gone. All I could think at that point was, “God, I hope they’re crushing their own PR’s or I’m hosed!” Fortunately, we ALL improved dramatically. Congratulations to all of my classmates on SHATTERING previous scores! It was awesome to hear how far everyone’s come! Truly remarkable.

After the run, I picked up the 35lb kettle bell (same one I used last time) and started swinging. Knowing that 48 was the number to beat, I resolved to not stop until I matched that number. I was nearly successful. I got to 43 and had to set the kettle bell down to reset my grip. I was sweating so badly the kettle bell was slipping out of my grip. I was risking letting that sucker fly at one of my classmates. I’m still fairly new to all of this, but that  seemed like poor gym etiquette, so I compromised my goal for the safety of my peers. I set the bell down dried my hands and started again. It was unfortunate because from that point on I was tired! The next set I did 7 to get to 50 reps and get passed my old score. Then I worked in sets of 5 and got to 75 before time expired! I was ELATED…and EXHAUSTED! But man it felt good!

After a brief resting period, and discussing our diet changes/challenges, Coach Ashley challenged us to one more test. Everyone got down on the floor and held a plank position for time. I did not do as well as I would have liked at this collapsing to the floor at 1:10. I wasn’t the first to fall out, but I was one of the early ones. But I can honestly say that I didn’t hold anything in reserve for the primary WOD.

Friday, we take on the 1 min pushups, 1 min air squats, 1 min sit ups, and 2 400M runs with a brief rest interval. I’m looking forward to that one!

There are two things I love about working out this early in the morning. First, it has the least impact on the family schedule. No one misses me when I go out the door at 5:30. I’m home shortly after 7, so I’m around to help the family get started on their day as they wake. I could do it daily, if I had the energy and inclination. The second is that when the workouts go this well, it just puts me in a great mindset for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!