I promise. I’ll never complain about burpees or mountain climbers again! Man makers are just brutual. Should be called man killers…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Tough, tough workout this morning. The strength segment was 5 sets of 2 reps of hang cleans. That part, I did reasonably well. My first three sets were 65, 75 and 95 lbs respectively. They felt pretty good. Coach Jack observed my third set and told me my form looked good and offered me the encouragement, “you got these.” With a weekend of rest and that encouragement, I started feeling froggy. I did 115 lbs for the next sets. I failed twice at that weight and figured out that I simply wasn’t moving fast enough. So after missing two, I pulled off two really ugly reps. I knew they were uneven, so I did 4 more reps, in two sets of two at that same weight. They got progressively better. I was able to make those reps with confidence at that weight. But I won’t be taking them much higher any time soon. Coach Jack saw my last set of two and advised me that I need to keep my elbows up. I’ll keep that in mind.

Then we moved on to the METCON. This one’s going to stick with me for a while. It was a classic case of seeing the workout on the whiteboard and thinking, “oh, that doesn’t look too bad.” Some day I’ll learn.

15-10-5 For Time:
Manmakers (40/30)
Perform 50 Double Unders at the end of each round

The issue was, I had no clue what a manmaker is. In all honesty, the first time Coach Jack demonstrated a rep for us, I was standing around waiting for a punch line. I was waiting for him to break out laughing and tell us, “no, I’m just messing with you, here’s what it really looks like.” I’ve never seen a single rep of an exercise that’s so complicated. I’ll try to put it in writing, but honestly, it’s simpler to watch the video, it’s less than a minute.

So anyway, with a dumb bell in each hand start in a standing position. Crouch down, place the dumb bells on the floor. Shoot your feet out behind you so that you’re now in a plank position ready to do an elevated push up. Execute the push up. When you come back to the top of the push up, bring one of the dumb bells up to your chest in a rowing action. Place the dumb bell back down on the floor. Do another push up. Now that you’re back in the plank position, do the rowing action with the other hand. Reset the dumb bell to the floor. Hop your feet back up behind you into a crouching position. Stand up and take the dumb bells with you. Set them up on your shoulders. Squat down, stand back up and when you’re back up right out of the squat, press the dumb bells over your head! Congratulations, that’s a single rep! I wanted to sing…”and then you do the hokey-pokey and your turn yourself about…” but I was oxygen deprived.

The prescribed weight for men was 40 lbs. I don’t go anywhere near that. I used 22.5 lb dumb bells and they were all I could handle. You might make the case that they were too much. Somewhere in the second half of the middle set of 10, my form was really ragged. I caught myself throwing my butt way up in the air in order to keep myself upright while doing the rowing action. There’s just so much going on in this exercise that it gets very easy for it to get away from me. I also caught myself adding a third push up after the second row on more than one occasion. There may have been times where I missed a row. I’m honestly not sure. I can think of one occssion where I did the squat with the weight, but failed to press it over my head. I did a complete extra rep that round to compensate. If any of the other 6:15ers read this, If you saw me screw up a rep, I swear I didn’t tank it. I wasn’t cheating, I was CONFUSED!

Double unders were way off. I opted to accept Coach Jack’s conversion scale to do 2 singles for every double under. So 100 singles. I ran off a couple of solid runs of singles of 20, 25 or 30. When I got passed 75 reps in each set, then I started working in some double unders. No real progress there to speak of. I have noticed that I have a terribly hard time jumping rope, if I’m facing the rest of the gym. It’s not a self awareness thing. I truly don’t care who sees me trip how many times over a jump rope. If I concerned about that, I never would’ve joined a public gym. I’ve found that if I turn myself so I can pick out a stationary focal point on a blank wall and eliminate all the visual distractions of the rest of the motion of the gym, I can focus much better and string together longer unbroken runs. It seems, I just get distracted by everything else going on around me. Hope the other 6:15ers don’t think I was being rude.

Final time: 15:14.

Yeah, this one is definitely going to stick with me for a while.