That was the approximate sound I made during the first round of pushups during today’s WOD. More on that in a bit. Wow! Today’s workout was TOUGH! I think I left my arms on the gym floor somewhere between the racks and the rings. If anyone trips over them, I apologize. Just kick them aside, I’ll pick them up when I’m back in the gym again.

The strength segment today was the split jerk. Do 7 rounds single reps to go heavy. We had a great turn out today, so rack space was limited. I think just about everyone was partnered up with another athlete. In some cases I think there were probably three athletes to a rack, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. I worked with a young woman named April. She was visiting and obviously an experienced crossfitter. That was of great benefit to me because she was very generous with her observations and it was like an individualized training session. So thanks, April!

Coach Paul led today’s session. He was also very generous and very helpful with tips and suggestions on how to improve my form, my footwork (imagine railroad tracks), breathing. Coach — I didn’t take the chance to say “thanks” in person this morning. I apologize for that. I really appreciate the direction and suggestions. So, I offer this belated thank you.

First round was 65 lbs. That was quite easy. 2-4th rounds at 95,105,115 respectively were pretty straightforward. Then we jumped to 125 and things got interesting.

First attempt at 125 was very awkward. April and I, and I believe Coach Paul had come by in the previous rounds, and we discussed my feet. Making sure they were a bit further apart at the start of the lift, making sure they stayed apart to a degree, so that they didn’t end up one right behind the other. Making sure the front foot lands flat with the weight back. Not on the toes. I think I was so preoccupied with my feet and solely my feet, I really didn’t give much consideration to getting my body under the bar! Like I said, it was awkward, but I didn’t lose it. After regrouping, resting and re-evaluating the lift, a second attempt at 125 was much more solid. The lift at 130lbs was respectable as well. I did one more round at 140 lb and got it. I think next time, I’d like to begin at 100 lbs and progress up from there. I’m fairly confident that I could get 150. After that, I’d really be pushing my luck.

April set a new PR with a lift at 140 lbs as well! So congratulations, April. I t was great working with you

Then came the METCON. Oh mercy!

Push Press (Rx 115# M)
Ring Dips

Run Shuttle Runs between rounds of 150/100/50m total

I did NOT do Rx. I scaled the push press to 75lbs. That’s the Rx for the Fight Gone Bad in little less than 3 weeks (and yes there’s still time for you to donate )! I really wanted a chance to see what this exercise at that weight would feel like. It hurts. It’s gonna hurt during FGB6. But it’s manageable. I’m confident that I can do FGB6 Rx. It’s definitely going to be the upper limit of my ability, and I very may well leave a lung or a limb in the trash can at the end of the day, but I’m cool with that. As I saw recently on a Life As Rx T-shirt “we suffer to honor.” I think I did the first set of 21 push press unbroken. It was the only unbroken set of the morning.

The ring dips, I did with a purple band for assistance. They were really tough. I think I got through 10 reps in the first set, and then broke it down into subsets after that. Just a fact of life.

Pushups — I was completely floored by the pushups. No. Literally. I went to assume a good plank position for the first set of 21 pushups and my arms completely failed. Hence, “Oh, CRAP!” SPLAT! The slapping sound everyone heard was my sweat soaked face and body collapsing on the gym floor. So at that point my brain said, “well, guess all pushups will be from the knees today.” And that’s what I did. Be flexible and expect change, right? I was really shocked when my arms caved. I never saw it coming. It was sort of amusing though.

My runs actually felt crisp. I’m not going to tell you they were fast, but they did feel sharp. No big sweeping turns. No backing off. Each one was aggressive. When it was all said and done, I completed the METCON in 11:44.

All in all I was pleased, but I’m definitely looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. Then work out again Thursday, rest Friday, and 31heroes workout on Saturday. At least that’s the plan.