So some days you hit a WOD that is just the perfect embodiement of what I love
about Crossfit. This was one of those days. The WOD was: “in teams of four  (assigned randomly by counting off), add up your collective bodyweights to create your team weight. As a team haul that much weight from the gym, across the parking lot around the corner, through the back lot, up a set of stairs and across the neighboring park behind the building. dropping it all at the designated collection spot. When all of the bumper plates representing your team weight is out in the park, take it back! If you drop a plate, do five penalty burpees before resuming your carry.” All done for time.

I was teamed with Spencer, Katie P, and Anna. I was the team anchor. By that I
mean, I outweighed the next largest team mate by 60 lbs! I definitely threw off the curve when figuring out our team weight. We calculated out the team weight at 680lbs. Collected the correct number of bumper plates and got ready for the
starting gun. Then we were off. I believe in the end we were the third of four
teams to finish in a time of 35:24!

It was a trip! I was stunned at how Spencer, who is significantly lighter than me,
was both stronger and faster. Anna and Katie P hauled huge amounts of weight! It was a great team effort.

To my mind, this work out was a classic example of what Crossfit embodies. My
friends who don’t do Crossfit frequently ask to explain Crossfit. And I explain to
them about the three primary principles of being functional fitness that’s  constantly varied and high intensity. They shake their heads and say, “oh, ok.” I
tell them about the 10 elements that you’re always trying to improve: “power,
endurance, accuracy, strength, etc,” and they say that’s fine. Then I tell them,
“Crossfit is recess for grown ups. It’s like those crazy playground challenges you
used to set up for you and your friends during lunch.” Then they get it. This work out was a prime example of that mentality.

In principle, it couldn’t be much simpler. Move heavy weights quickly from point A to point B and bring them back. Work together. It was constantly varied, because you simply couldn’t carry all the plates using the same technique/grip for the entire workout. My forearms are still smoked from 31 Heroes on Saturday. I had to carry weights on one shoulder. Sometimes across my neck held with both hands. Sometimes craddled in my arms. Occassionally on my hips. Whatever it took.

It’s definitely functional fitness and it was definitely high intensity. I swear the puddle of sweat I left in the parking lot when I wrung out my t-shirt was an
even pint!

Even though it was a team WOD, we got pretty spread out across the area and there was lots of time for the mind to wander over the course of half an hour. Here’s a sample of some of the thoughts that wandered through my mind as I was trudging along.

“I want to know how many rounds of drinks and e-mails the coaches went through dreaming this one up. No one could cook this up sober!”

“I’m SO gonna do this to my 7 yo as punishment the next time he doesn’t pick up his room!”

“I gotta remember to get the class attendance from Coach Ashley! I want all
these people’s phone numbers so I can call them the next time I need to move my family!”

“Wait?! Is Dave singing?! He is! Wait, he’s singing ‘Airborne Ranger?!’ Dude! So cool.”

This one really was just a whole lot of fun!