Tuesday’s workout was pretty solid. Was tough to get myself to go to the gym. I was surprisingly stiff from the Labor Day workout. That one really snuck up on me. I knew at the time it was intense. But I didn’t anticipate just how sore I was on Tuesday when the alarm went off at 5:20am. Add to that the remnants of tropical storm/depression Lee and the sideways rain. There were all sorts of reasons to just shut off the alarm and go another time or day. But I went and I’m glad I did.

The strength segment was  7 individual lifts of the Hang Clean. Coach Jack led us through some excellent related stretching and warm up exercises. He also reviewed the proper form with us and encouraged us to start our lifts from position two, with the bar just below our knees.

The gym was jamming at 6:15 in the morning. There were enough people there that we had to break up into two groups. One group did the METCON first while most of us worked through strength training. Then we flipped. It had to be done this way because the METCON included back squats that required racks and we just had more athletes than racks that day.

I elected to do the strength training first, so I found a spot on the floor and got to it. It’s probably worth noting that my self-imposed rule of not scouting out the workout the night before lasted almost two weeks. What can I say, I was always terrible about hunting for Christmas presents too!

But in this case, it serves a legitimate purpose. While I earnestly miss the sense of surprise that was associated with bootcamp, I like being able to check my workout log the night before. I like being able to check out how I did with a lift the last time we practiced it. It gives me a chance to consider what I want to accomplish the next morning.

So it turns out back on 8/29 we also did hang cleans. On that day, my max lift was 115lbs. If you’re curious, you can read about that day’s work out here. But ultimately, in reviewing my notes, I’d made the mental goal to lift 120lbs on Tuesday. I lifted 95lbs easily for a first lift. I did 105 reasonably well for the second and third lifts. I did it twice because Coach Jack observed my first lift and told me my form looked really good but I needed quicker elbows. So I reset and did it again. I could feel the difference immediately.

I moved up to 115 lbs for the 4th lift and it went really smoothly too. So I skipped 120 and went to 125. I was able to lift it successfully for the final three lifts. But I knew my form wasn’t strong. So remembering the “consistency, form, intensity” mantra, I chose not to add any more weight, but to practice my form at 125. All in all, I think it went well. I’m looking forward to seeing if I can push a little further next time we see this lift.

I did notice later in the day in re-reading the Crossfit Durham site that Dave had made a note to really focus on incorporating a solid squat into our hang cleans. I failed to remember that during the workout and if it was stated in the morning, it escaped me. So in that respect, I wasn’t on target. I know none of my cleans were very deep. Just something else to make note of and pay attention to next time. I expect that at some point, the weight itself is going to demand a deeper squat whether I concentrate on it or not.

The METCON was Back Squats beginning with 10 reps the first set, decreasing by 1 rep, down to a single rep in the final set. Alternating those with Burpees, starting at 1 rep working up to 10 reps in the final set. RX was 165lbs. I knew that was not feasible for me. I haven’t formally trained/practiced back squats going into yesterday’s workout, but my current front squat PR for a 2 rep set is 155. 165 was obviously way out of my league for that kind of repetition. I kind of ‘eyeballed’ it and went with 95lbs. It turned out to be a solid weight for me. All sets were done unbroken, but it was a very intense workout completed in 10:55. And I really had to concentrate on form from sets 5 down to 1. I could feel my body wanting to fold forward as I squatted and it was a real effort to stay upright.

I got confused with the number of reps right in the middle too. I know I did the required 6 squats followed by 5 burpees. Then I believe I did 4 squats (since I’d just done 5 of something, and I was oxygen deprived and it wasn’t even 7 am yet) followed by 6 burpees, because I knew I’d just done 5 burpees the last time around. As I was doing the six burpees, I realized the math was off, so the next set I did 5 squats, rather than 4 and the requisite 7 burpees. In the end, I am confident I got all the sets in, just maybe not 100% in the right sequence.

Wednesday was a much appreciated rest day. Looking forward to going back on Thursday. Only 10 more days until Fight Gone Bad 6 (FGB6). That one is going to be a blast! Have to look at modifying my schedule next week. I’m thinking work Mon/Tues. Rest Wed. Work Thurs. Rest Friday. But that’s subject to change depending on what Dave schedules as FGB “practice.” I got the impression from a conversation on Monday that he’s looking at scheduling a workout that’s comparable, if not exactly like the FGB6 event. If that workout happens, I definitely want to take part and will have to schedule accordingly.