Sometimes being bad at math while uncaffeinated early on a Monday morning can work to your advantage…

Strength Segment:

5 rounds, 1 rep each to establish a new 1 round Max PR.

I saw this last night and got pretty excited. I last did dead lifts on September 9th when we were doing 3 rep sets and maxed out at 265. Since that day I have occasionally wondered just how far I could push this.

After Coach Jack put us through our paces warming up, I found a platform and got down to business. I did 3 reps of 135 and 205 each to practice. I did a third set of 2 reps at 225. All of those felt solid, so I started to load up for the one rep sets. First set at 255 was solid. Coach Jack observed my second round at 275 and gave me a “nice.”  This already exceeded my old PR, so everything that followed in the next three lifts was for “fun.” I loaded the bar for 285 lbs and prepared. Remembering a few tips that Coach Jack provided on my second lift, I was sure to pinch my shoulders and get back a bit because I was starting out too far over the bar.

The 285 lift felt surprsingly good and while I had it in the air, I allowed myself a congratulatory “yeah!” Kristen on the next platform over heard it and asked me if it was a new PR. When I said it was she congratulated me and asked me how much. I started to tell her 285, but then recalculated. I had two 45  lb plates, and a 35lb plate on each side. For 125 lbs on each side. So that’s 250, plus the 45 lb bar.  I literally told her, “Holy crap! That’s 295! I thought it was 285.” She laughed a bit and said, “See? Sometimes it helps to not pay too much attention to the math.”

So now I’m only three lifts in and I’ve smashed my PR by 30lbs. I decided I wanted to be over 300, so I jumped to 305lbs. It came off the floor but not much else. It wasn’t anything close to a full lift. So I bailed on that. I decided to end with a hit again and repeat at 295. The final lift wasn’t a pretty lift, but it was legit.

Then came the METCON
3 Rounds For Time:
16 Power Clean (155/105)
Run 600m

I knew when I saw the METCON last night, I wasn’t going to try to do this Rx. I experimented with 85lbs and it felt nasty, so I scaled all the way back to 75lbs. In hindsight, I probably should have challenged myself a bit more and stuck with the 85. Honestly, I did the first full set as cleans, not power cleans. Lesson learned there. When you forget the terminology, don’t hesitate to ask what a lift is. When I got back from the first run, Coach Jack reminded me to jump up and actively lower myself under the bar into a short squat to do the power clean properly.

I did all lifts in the first two sets unbroken. The third set was done 8, 4, 4. Total time for the METCON 15:26. I still run like a draft horse…maybe more like an ox.