Pretty good session at the gym today. Pushed hard without overdoing it.

Strength Session


This was a tricky one to plan ahead. There hasn’t been an opportunity to set a clear 1RM. Plus, in the 6 weeks or so I’ve been at this, I haven’t worked the strict press. I’ve done a few variations like push press, but not strict like this. So I wasn’t clear on what was possible.

In Fight Gone Bad, I did three rounds of 75lb push press and did 16, 12 and 13 reps in each of those sets. So 75lbs seemed like a good starting point and I just figured, I’d push upwards from there. In the back of my mind, I had 100 lbs as a goal to meet or exceed, but I wasn’t married to it. The idea of pushing another lift past the triple digit mark was appealing, but I had no idea if it was practical or not.

I did set of 5 reps at weights of 65, 75, 85 and 100. So goal achieved. It’s got me wondering what my 1RM would be. I’m wondering if I could press 125 cleanly one time. I’m honestly not sure. For now it’s going on the goals list, until I get a chance to test it. I think it may be ambitious, but hey, that’s what makes it a goal right?

One thing I’m learning at the gym. I’m not a multi-tasker yet when it comes to my body. At work, I can multi-task at work like a beast! Multiple tools, websites, spreadsheets, documents, IM’s, e-mails, you name it. I can manage it all. At home, I’m pretty good. Most mornings, I’m the one who gets the kids primed, fed, dressed, and ready to get out the door on time.

In the gym though, I can not do two things at the same time to save my LIFE! The press is a prime example. I understand what all the coaches are telling me to keep my core tight and “up” as I’m lifting the bar over my head. But way too often today, even as I’m borrowing Coach Paul’s mantra and telling myself, “tight abs, tight ass,” the instant I start lifting that bar up off the shelf of my chest, I can feel my stomach sink! Drives me nuts! But I’m working on it. It is getting better, but it still happens more often than I like. Consistency, Form and Intensity, right? Today was about form. The more I learn, the more I continue to marvel at how technical all of this can be.

For Time
Dumb Bell Thrusters (Rx 40 lbs)
Knees to Elbows

Another one of those METCONS where I was nowhere near Rx, but that’s ok. I used 22.5 lb dumbells. I would have used 25’s but couldn’t locate any. 30 seemed like it would be too much. I was mindful of my right shoulder and knowing we’d be hanging/swinging from the bars, I didn’t want to overdo things.

I was very pleased with my form and intensity on the thrusters. I really concentrated on keeping a straight back and not leaning forward. I also concentrated on exploding up out of the squats to help drive the weights up.

Knees to Elbows are another of those body weight exercises that are helpful because they help me keep things in perspective. They remind me that I can’t be complacent at this current body weight of 235. There have been times where I’ve thought, “you know? I’ve lost a bunch of weight. I’m in all new clothes and sizes. Maybe this 235 is going to be the new normal…and that would be ok.” But then workouts like today remind me that it’s not going to be ok. Quite simply, it’s still too much ass to haul around!

I’m not strong enough right now to hang from the pull up rack and lift my knees to touch my elbows. That’s just a fact. So I talked to Jack about how to scale them and he encouraged me to just do them as best I could lifting my knees as high as possible each rep attempting to touch my elbows. As goofy as the sets must have looked. I kind of wish I had a video of them. It’s impossible for me to estimate how close I was to getting a true rep. There were some reps where I really felt like I was just a couple inches short of getting my joints to touch. Others, it felt like there was easily a foot between them at the closest point. I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle. But I powered through them as best I could. In the end, I completed the METCON in 6:56.

The weight thing (along with a few other factors) has me thinking about goals again. I’m going to give that more time and dedicate a separate post to them though.