Wow! What a tough workout today. It’s been weeks since I’ve felt so thoroughly pounded after a workout. So much so, that I had to really fight off a visit from Uncle Pukie at the very end of this one.

The strength session wasn’t a standard strength workout, in the sense of “do x number of sets with y number of reps each.” It was simply described as: “Deadlift Work on deadlift mobility. Then, practice reps – not heavy, but working up to weight for the workout”

Jack led us through some mobility driven warm ups. I had a pretty good idea of what was to come when one of the stretches alone nearly brought me to tears.

After warm ups we all grabbed bars and began preparing ourselves. I caught Jack’s attention and asked him what weight I should be targeting for the METCON. I explained that my 1 RM is 295. He said he’d expect that I would work out around 215 or possibly 225, but definitely over 200 lbs.

So I did practice rounds 3 reps each at 135 and 185. Those felt pretty good. Jack observed my 185 set and reminded me to keep my shoulders back and to rely on my hamstrings by really pushing my feet into the floor. Good advice. I moved up to 205, tested that for a few reps and decided that was going to be heavy enough for the METCON to come.

10 Rounds For Time:

5 Deadlifts (275/185)

7 Pullups

9 Situps

I won’t lie to anyone, this one intimidated me when I saw it posted last night. 50 deadlifts?! 70 pullups and 90 situps? I don’t care who you are or what your fitness level is, that’s a lot of work. I had visions of this one taking so long I’d need to order out for breakfast while trying to finish.

Yeah, for 50 deadlifts, 205 lbs was going to be plenty. It proved to be quite a challenge. I’m sure I got through the first 5 sets unbroken. After that there were lots of pauses for shifting grips, chalking hands, resetting feet.

The pullups, I began with my customary blue and red bands, and figured out after the second set that it wouldn’t be enough assistance. Coming from the deadlifts to the rack for pull ups my arms were already hanging at my sides like dead weight. Relying on them for pull ups was going to be crazy. I had to swap out the two bands for one green after the second set. I honestly don’t recall if I did ANY pull up sets unbroken. I doubt it.

The pullups were a bit awkward. We had a very good turnout which meant there were several of us working pullups on the rack simultaneously. My friend Craig and I were on a very similar pace and we both kip/swing a lot particularly in later sets. Given the way the rack is set up and the space available, Craig and I were hanging at right angles to each other and we ended up banging into each other frequently. There was more than one instance where I rested longer than was probably absolutely necessary to allow him to finish his pull ups and to make space so that I could conclude my own. No big deal. Just the nature of the space.

I was able to do all sit ups unbroken. Granted there were only 9 at a time, but that still is mildly surprising to me. 15 years ago when ever I had to take an Army Physical Fitness Test, situps were my greatest weakness. Early in my career, situps were frequently the exercise that would determine whether I passed or failed the test. Now, situps don’t intimidate me at all.

Somewhere around the 7th/8th set is when Uncle Pukie did a drive by. I was transitioning from sit ups back to deadlift and got that bit of a wretch reflex. I really wasn’t looking for a second opportunity to rechew the banana I ate on the way to the gym again, but I did. So there you have it. That was a first for me. I’ve gotten light headed during crossfit workouts (Memorial Day, during Murph). I’ve scaled a few back so far that I questioned why I was even bothering to continue, but this was new. Don’t misunderstand. This is not somthing that I aspire too. It’s not a goal of mine to exercise until I vomit, but it is something of a rite of passage among crossfitters. I’m not saying I accomplished something with this today. It’s just a footnote and another indication of the effort involved.

In the end it took me 19:16 to muscle through this WOD and I expect I’m going to be feeling it for days. Good, good stuff.