So today was one of those crossfit fun days. One of those days where we were working exercises that I haven’t tried before so I had no idea what to expect. Got to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Skills Session
Max Height Box Jump
4-6 attempts at a flat footed max height box jump

Now if you read the blog regularly, I know where you’re going and you’re right. I’ve done plenty of box jumps before. But those were always lots of reps as part of a METCON. I’ve never just tried to figure out how high I can jump. And I’ve been wondering for quite some time. Since early in my second boot camp, so some time back in July, I’ve been wondering what I could do. I’ve never had or taken the opportunity to test myself on this one. So when I saw this WOD posted last night, I got excited.

Started with a 24″ platform. I knew I could do this. I’ve used this before in WODs. I’m not fast when I use a box this size, but I knew I could do it.

Moved up to 27″ from there and made that jump confidently. The jump at 30″ felt surprisingly good too. Now my head is starting to wonder how far I can go. My partner Jonathan and I added more plates and I was able to make that leap. We measured after the fact and established it was 35.” Now in my mind, I need another jump because I need to clear 3ft.

I was a bit (superstitious is not the right word) quirky in that I didn’t want to know the height until after I made the jumps. I didn’t want the number getting in my head before hand. Knowing what I accomplished after the fact was motivating and built confidence for the next jump. Having the number in my head before hand seemed intimidating. As you’ll see later.

We added another plate (a 25 lb  I think), and I made that jump! We measured after the fact and it was 37 1/2! Sweet. We took the 25 lb plate off and added another 45 lb plate. I steeled myself for that one and went for it. I got most of my feet on the plates. I had more than half of each foot on the plates, but my backside was too far back. When I tried to stand it up my weight shifted back and I had to hop down. But I had the confidence of simply knowing that I could get my feet up that high! So I took a second shot at it. And I stuck it the second time! I allowed my self a celebratory, “Yes!”  and a quick clap, fist pump. Jack saw my celebration from the top of the platform and concluded it was a PR and gave me an encouraging applause. It was greatly appreciated.

When I got down and measured, I was initially a bit disappointed. I was completely expecting to find the height was 39 or 40,” but in measuring we established it was 38. It was then we realized that the various plates, because they’re from different manufacters and/or are different styles, the have varying thicknesses. We couldn’t simply add 45lb plates and assume that each one was 3″ thick. It’s close, but not uniform.

Still a 38 vertical leap from a flat foot stand still was very satisfying to this draft horse. There are a lot of things that I can do in this world. I have never considered jumping to be one of them. I got cocky after that and added one more thinner plate (a 15 I believe) to ensure I had a 40″ jump ahead of me. I asked Coach Paul to video me doing the jump. I really wanted to post it either to this blog and/or to Facebook as visual evidence/confirmation. Unfortunately, the new height, having an extra observer, and just flat being tired from previous jumps got inside my head. For the first time of the morning the thought “damn that’s high” actually passed through my head and then I was done. No matter what I tried to think of all that kept running through my mind was, “damn that’s high.” The new set up intimidated me and I was unsuccessful at two attempts at the new height. I wanted to end with a hit, but I was also unsuccessful at a final attempt at 38″ but that’s ok by me. I know I got it.

10 Burpee
15 Deadlift (Rx 185)
20 Double Unders

This was a grueling and satisfying METCON. Because I was having so much fun and spent so much time on the box jumps by the time I was preparing for the METCON all the 45 lb bars were claimed. I wound up using a 37 lb bar and I added 120 lbs for a total weight of 157 for the dead lifts. No big deal. I never intended to work RX and wasn’t overly concerned about the weight. It turned out to be a solid weight. The first set went unbroken. I think the second set was split at 12 and 3. Third set went something like 7 and 8. Fourth set went something like 8, 4, 3. Final set was something like 8 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps, 1 rep.

I completed 4 full rounds, a 5th set of burpees, a 5th set of dead lifts and the equivalent of 10 double unders. I did singles today mixing in some double unders.

Definitely a very satisfying day. I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow and working some double unders on my own.