Another shot of kool aid? Yes, please! I was talking things over with my everlovin’ the other day, and at the end of the conversation, she simply laughed that loving, “oh my God, you’re clueless and I love you anyway” laugh that only your soul mate can generate. It’s that laugh that let’s you know that yes, in fact, they’re unequivocally laughing directly at you, yet you’re not offended by it in anyway. In the end, we ended up with “a few more signs that Paulie has truly drank the fitness, kool aid.”

1) I mentioned that I now count the number of times I have to pull a starter cord on any of my gas powered power tools as “reps.

  • 1a) I’m right handed naturally, but if I have to make more than 3 pulls on any tool, I’ll switch to my left hand, to balance out the load.
  • 1b) If I’m really thinking ahead, I’ll start with the left hand and do 5 pulls with that hand, because I know it’s my weaker arm and needs the additional exercise.

2) I pointed out how proud I was on Monday when I clocked myself under the chin with a barbell, that my first thought was, “Shit! No rep. Do it again,” and not “Shit, that hurt. I quit!” Anyone who knows me for more than 3 years knows my fitness efforts have started and stopped numerous times based on my intolerance for pain.

Folks in Erin’s dojo have on and off asked me for years when I’d start training karate with them. The answer was always “probably never.” I just can’t see any circumstance where being hit and kicked on purpose sounds like a good idea. I have the utmost respect for those who do it precisely because I don’t want to. And now that I do crossfit and exercise my body as I do, I understand the appeal of the pain. Still, not convinced I can block a roundhouse, so I’ll stay out of the dojo.

3) And this one, Erin and I haven’t actually discussed yet, but…you know you’ve really drank the kool aid when you consider reorganizing your work out schedule to get to the gym at 7pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT, in order to get to open gym time and retest yourself on a benchmark WOD that you toook about 2 mos ago.

The additional color there being the family is planning on going to the State Fair on Friday. Now, anyone who knows me knows that as long as I’ve had a mouth, I HAVE NEVER allowed exercise and fitness to get in the way of my enjoying food, let alone State Fair junk food that only comes around once a year. Yes, my eating habits have improved dramatically, particularly in the last year, but I LOVE food.

I won’t lie, I’ll still probably let myself have my annual sausage sandwich with pepper and onion. Those are like ballpark hotdogs. The sausage sandwiches just taste better at the fair than they do any other time of year.

I’ll likely limit myself to water for the day, where I would normally drink soda by the pail. And while I’ll likely enjoy an apple fritter, I’ll bypass all of the other deep fried silliness that I would in past years, be fighting for. I’m not saying I won’t enjoy fair food, but I won’t eat so much that it could have a negative impact on the evening’s workout. Now THAT is saying something.

4) One last indicator — you blog about fitness on your “off day!” Yeesh!

So there you have it. Now you tell me? What are the signs that you’re deep into your passion?