Quick n’ Simple Today

But no less intense and that’s critical.


When I saw this posted this morning, I did some quick checking of my logs. I knew we did the push press back on 10/10 and that day, I’d worked up to 135lbs on a 1RM. Prior to that I last did the Press on 10/4 in sets of 5 reps and worked up to 100lbs. I wasn’t too sure what a reasonable 3 RM should be so I set myself a target goal of 125. I need to do some research and ask around the gym to help me understand what’s a good rule of thumb for setting goals for myself when we’re repeating exercises, but the number of sets per rep vary. The 125 I chose today was purely intuitive. I got lucky. It was a good weight to work at. I worked with Jonathan again today. (Note to self. Need to ask him his last name next time we’re working together. That’s just for my own education though. Not sure how he feels about bloggers/blogging so I won’t share his results). I’m finding I’m enjoying working with a partner for a couple of reasons. 1) The company is nice, 2) the camaraderie is cool, 3) I think it’s better for my pacing, because I actually have to pause and wait my turn while a partner lifts. Too frequently when I work alone, I rush through the sets.

First three sets were 95, 105 and 115 respectively for me. They were all consistent in their form and felt very solid. I moved up to 125 for the last two sets and those were both good. They were challenging, but not so heavy that my form fell apart. It feels like a good weight to maintain for a bit for this lift to improve my form and get stronger before charging ahead too far.

10 Rounds For Time:
3 Power Snatch (115/75)
3 Burpees

I elected to use the women’s RX of 75lbs for this one. It was a challenging weight. All sets were done unbroken, but I really had to concentrate to ensure proper form. That’s what it’s all about right. I finished it in 6:02. I really enjoyed this WOD because I feel like I was really able to maintain a high level of intensity with reasonably solid form. Some WODs lately have felt like they slogged on, or maybe I was just slogging through them individually. This one was something of a sprint and I really enjoyed that. Big D, if you’re reading, it was cool to find your “challenge” on my Facebook page. It was just a shade too late in the day. I think I was already at CFD as you were finishing your shift and your workout. Still, very cool to find it there. Post ’em anytime. I love comparing notes.