Some days it’s just about sticking to the plan. That’s what I did on Monday and it paid off.

Strength Session
Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 — Thanks to Coach Paul I now understand  that on a day when workouts are structured like this, 80-85% of your 1 round max is a solid target for the day. So knowing that my current 1RM is 295, 85% of that is just over 250lbs.

I warmed up an initial set at 135 and that felt decent, so I next jumped to 205. That set felt fine as well So for the second and third sets, I moved up to 235. I did two sets because during the first set, Jack came by, observed and commented that when I was taking the weight back down to the floor, I was rolling my shoulders forward and reaching with my arms first. A serious no-no, because at really high weights it’s a very easy way to injure your back. He reminded me to keep my shoulders back and chest up even while returning the bar to the floor. I thanked him and it was only after he walked away and I was doing the second set that I realized I failed to ask a critical question. If I’m keeping my shoulders back, chest straight, and not initiating there, then how DO I start back to the floor?

I did the second set as best I could, but as I set up for 255 for the fourth and fifth sets, I made sure I caught Jack’s attention and we talked it over a bit more. He showed me how to start the descent with my hips and legs, then my upper body. Since I was already at my target weight, I elected to do both sets at that weight and really concentrate on that form.

3 RDs for Time
30 Air Squats
20 DB Push Press (RX – 40)
10 Ring Dips

I used 27.5 lb dumb bells for the push presses and a red band for the ring dips. The red band represents some progress on that exercise. In previous WODs I’ve relied on the blue bands. It was a challenge, but that’s what we’re here for right? First set of ring dips went unbroken. Second set and third sets were not. Third set might have been broken down into 3 subsets. I honestly don’t recall.

Push Presses wer solid. I might have been able to go with 30 lb dumb bells. I didn’t make a note of it in my log, but I think all sets were unbroken. You could make the case that I may not have challenged myself enough, but I was trying to be cognizant of the fact that it was only Monday. I have this tendency to charge into Monday because I’m well rested, blast my body and struggle more than necessary the next day. Maybe, just maybe I’m learning. Time will tell.

Finished the METCON in 6:52 and was GASSED.