Weird WOD for me today. On paper it looked real simple. In practice it was very challenging physically. It was also a real mental exercise to get myself to stay with it.

Here’s the WOD for Monday 103111
Double Unders
Take 20 minutes to practice your Double Unders


4 Rounds For Time:
40 Double Unders
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 KB Swings (52/35)

Not a big deal right? Well, ok. I know double unders are not my strong suit. So there was bound to be lots of stumbling today.

Jack was coaching this morning and he started us off with what else? Jumping rope! We grabbed ropes and did 20 single unders, then 10 single unders hopping on one foot. It was right there that I realized that the day might require a bigger mental effort than physical. Think about it. There’s 10 people in the gym, all working at their own pace to go through the required reps. No one’s counting for me, so no one’s going to know if I did 7, 8 or all 10 reps, right? And that thought went through my head and the very next thought, was “NO! Do EVERY DAMN REP!” There’s no way I’m going to let myself start cheating sets. I have to stay disciplined in all of this.

We did Tabata style double under work to give the skill session some structure. I was pretty flummoxed throughout the set. I watched the instructional video posted on the Crossfit Durham site last night. The demonstrator made a point about (and Jack brought it up this morning) that your hands should be slightly out in front of you as you jump rope. I know I don’t do that, so I tried to focus on that this morning and it screwed up my entire rhythm. I don’t know why. It was just unfamiliar. As a result, I never strung together more than 2 double unders together at a time. That’s annoying considering earlier this month I’d strung 4 together a couple times. It also means I’m coming up short on my goal of 5 unbroken double unders for a second month. Just gotta keep at it, but it wasn’t great for my mindset.

Moving into the METCON concentration was really important today.I don’t know if it was by design or even if other people experienced what I did but these exercises in this particular sequence seemed designed to screw each other up.  What I mean by that was after doing double unders, it seemed impossible to find a smooth rhythm for box jumps.

I kept wanting to jump fast but short and I wasn’t getting high enough up onto the 20″ box. I had to really slow things down to make connsecutive clean jumps. Then, after doing 20 American style swings with a 40 lb kettle bell, my hands kept trying to float up my sides shortening my rope and making it more likely that I would trip on it. I had to really focus on “hands down. Just use the wrists, not your arms!”

This WOD went much longer than I was anticipating too. We started the METCON very early compared to other days, and I was thinking to myself, “great, we’ll bang this out and I’ll be out of the gym early. Cool.” But that was not the case. Later on when we were under way, Jack called out the elapsed time of 6:30 and I was still early on in my second set, and I thought, “Wow. I’m going to be here all morning.” And all of a sudden there’s that voice in the back of my head saying, “no one’s counting your reps…”

As I was doing double unders, I’m trying to focus on a single spot on the floor, but in my peripheral vision I can see other people just blasting through their double under sets and outpacing me and that thought of “no one else is counting your reps” crept back into my head again. I know that I’m only competing against myself, but seeing people run away from you wears thin. I really got frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t just stuff the thought down and keep it down. It got to the point where rather than counting reps out loud, I just kept chanting, “EVERY. DAMN. REP. EVERY. DAMN. REP.” When it was over 15:42 later, I had done every damn rep. For today, that was enough.