Fun day at the gym today. It’s workouts like this one that remind me why I’m enjoying Crossfit so much. If you’re not familiar with Crossfit and accustomed to more widely recognized fitness programs, you might scratch your head and wonder about it. Here’s why.

The skill/Strength portion was “Handstands and Handstand Pushups. Take 20 minutes to practice Handstands against the wall and HSPUs if you’re able.”

I know some folks in tune with more conventional fitness are looking at that and thinking, “so you stood around for 20 minutes doing handstands? Big deal.” Well if you’re a recovering formerly grossly obese 40 year old, it is a bit of a big deal. I was thrilled to discover today that I was able to hold 6 or 8 (I kind of lost count in my excitement) extended handstands up against the gym wall for quite some time. I honestly wasn’t sure I had that in me. I wasn’t real responsible about tracking how long I did each one for the sake of quantifiable results. I was too caught up in the excitement that I could actually maintain a handstand with my heels against the wall for balance. It was just a really cool realization.

And in terms of the physical value, I assure you, my shoulders are as sore today as they are after any set of presses, snatches, pull ups, what have you. It was a hell of a work out. I’m 235lbs. Some days it’s tough enough standing all that weight upright on my feet. Inverting the process is TOUGH! 😉

I attempted one handstand pushup during my second to last handstand. I was able to lower my head to the floor very slowly with great control. But I had NO strength to push myself back up. Coach Bea was very generous in her assessment, “Well, that was a great negative rep.” I laughed big time over that one.

For Time:
Run 400m
5 Rounds:  15 Jumping Squats/10 Pushups
Run 400m

I completed this in 9:52 in the bottom third of the group present. The highpoint of this WOD was that I got to write it in as RX (aka: as prescribed)! I don’t get to do that often. Most days I have to scale back the prescribed weights or need assistance to complete reps of a body weight exercise. It was a nice little emotional “atta boy” to tag the white board “Rx” next to my name and time! The runs were rough! I realized on the drive home that just by virtue of the WODs I’ve been attending I have done very little running in the last 30 days. Plenty of exercise and of course that contributes to fitness, but very little running. As a result, I’ve modified my fitness goals for November. I’m still trying to get to 5 unbroken double unders. I’ve abandoned my goal of 3 deadhang pull ups for now. But I’m tasking myself to run 800M either before or after each WOD for the month. I’m not even going to concern myself with timing it. I just want to get the extra distance in. We’ll see how it goes.