Today’s WOD had all sorts of peaks and valleys and a couple of twists all in a one hour period.

Warm Ups
I went out and ran what I thought was an 800M run pre-WOD as part of my November goals. (more on the run later). It felt very comfortable which was a bit of a surprise after participating in the Primal Mud Run in Va this weekend. I expected my legs to be heavier. Jack lead the group (a  huge one for 6:15! There must have been 20 or so athletes there.) through stretches and then cut us loose on the strength segment.

Strength Segment
I was psyched to see this on the schedule. It’s been a while since I’ve worked low reps for deadlifts and have been itching for a while to test my personal record. My 1RM set back on Sept 19 is 295. Even though I understand that normally your goal for 2 rep sets would be to get to 90-95% of that 1RM, I made it a mental goal to break 300lbs today.

I worked with Craig and Jonathan this morning. It was a good grouping. Craig is well out in front of Jonathan and I, so it gives us something to work towards. Jonathan and I seem pretty reasonably matched at this stage. But I’m anticipating he’s going to advance beyond me soon.

So my lifts this morning went 225, 275, 295 (1 RD Max), then 305, and finally 310. I took a turn ringing the gym’s new PR bell. It’s a standard cowbell with a CFD sticker on it. If athletes set a new PR, they ring the bell as a way to announce to the gym that they’ve set a new high mark. I admit, I really like having it. I enjoyed taking a turn ringing it to celebrate my accomplishment.

Even more so, I enjoyed seeing other people celebrate their new PR’s. Having a chance to make a mental note of who else PR’d, so I can be sure to shake they’re hand at the end of the WOD and say, “great job,” is a nice addition to building the community of the gym. Too often, I’m too caught up in my own workout and just not aware of what others are accomplishing. The bell’s a great way to help me be a better member of the community. So coming off the peak of the strength session, I then plunged into the METCON.

Bodyweight dead-lifts
Burpee pull-ups

This METCON is the brain-child of Coach Paul. He can give you more color on the inspiration for the METCON. All I know is that in various online places today, I’ve referred to this METCON as grueling and savage and I stand by both of those descriptions.

I figured out very early in the first set of deadlifts that I was not going to be able to do bodyweight deadlifts for the entire WOD. The strength just wasn’t there. So I stripped 50lbs off the bar after about 10 reps, and did the rest of the WOD with 185lbs on the bar. Workouts like this one with bodyweight as Rx are just one more great reason I’ve got to lose more weight.

The burpee pull ups are this funky maneuver where you drop to the floor, execute a burpee, and on the leap up out of the burpee grab a bar over your head and do a pull up. There’s debate in the comments on the CFD site as to what constitutes Rx for this exercise. The argument being that to do the rep truly Rx, you shouldn’t use the momentum of the burpee jump to carry straight into the pull up. You should do the burpee jump. Allow yourself to dead hang and then execute the pull up.

While I understand the need for standards and the integrity of the maneuver, it seems like wasted effort to me. If I’m not going to use the added momentum of the jump to help me execute the pull up, then what’s the point of jumping? Of course, at my current level the point is moot. I was no where near Rx.

I was doing burpees w/jumping pull ups. Do a burpee, then in my case, step up onto a 45lb plate on the floor to give myself a bit of a boost, jump up, grab the bar, use the momentum of the jump to get my chin over the bar and then let myself down. They were definitely two distinct exercises/efforts.

In the end, I was one of, if not the last athlete to finish this morning in the 6:15 group clocking in at 18:30. I had NOTHING left in the tank after this one.

The twist on the day came after the WOD, I was verifying the route for the 800M circuit with Coach Paul and it turns out I ran more than 800M. I added an extra block creating a run that we estimate was closer to 1500M than 800M. Nice bonus! That was a nice little fact to leave the gym with, because that run felt very good. It was a nice pick me up after feeling a bit defeated by the METCON.

As badly as this METCON pounded me, it’s been suggested that this WOD be made into a gym benchmark WOD. I’d certainly be up for taking on this WOD again in a couple of months to see how I’ve progressed from here.