I’m having a hard time figuring out where to begin with today’s WOD. It was punishing! Based on the WOD’s that I experienced this week, Coach Ashley T. Denton wins the prize for toughest  coach built WOD.

This one didn’t fool me though. Soon as I saw it posted Thursday night, I knew it would be nasty.

Warm Ups
Coach Paul was leading today’s 6:15 WOD sessin. I did my 800M pre-WOD run. It felt pretty good. If I ever find my wrist watch (I think it’s been snatched by the 2yo), I’m going to start timing those runs. I’m missing an opportunity to assess myself by not tracking those.

We went through a variety of exercises and flexes to loosen up everything from the tips of our toes to the tips of our fingers. It was absolutely necessary.

Muscle Ups
Take 20 minutes to practice MU’s

I don’t have muscle ups, so I practiced Ring Dips. Coach Paul was very upfront from the start not to burn ourselves out because the METCON would be very demanding. I took his advice to heart and toyed around with a few unassisted ring dips. I don’t have the strength yet to really claim good reps on those, so I stopped wasting energy and grabbed a red band. I did 3 or 4 sets of 3 or 4 reps each. I don’t have clear notes. I left my journal at home, so I didn’t record this. Per Coach Paul’s direction, I concentrated on a neutral neck and really keeping my arms (particullarly the left) in close to the body.

For Time:
100 Thrusters (95/65)
Perform 3 Burpees on the minute until all Thrusters are complete

It’s important to know that this METCON had a 15 minute cap. Meaning even if you hadn’t done 100 thrusters by the time 15 minutes elapsed, you were still done.

I learned one thing today. Next time we do Thrusters, I probably need to scale back even further. I challenged myself to use 75lbs today knowing fully that it was highly unlikely I’d finish the 100 Thrusters. But I didn’t want to compromise on the weight. I wanted to undestand just how far I could push it, so in that respect I accomplished my goal. I guess it’s debatable whether that was a solid decision or not.

Coach Paul came by more than once and reminded/encouraging me to explode out of the squat to make that the driving force to lift the weight. We talked about it after the WOD. I understood what he was telling me. I couldn’t find any strength in my hips or legs to generate the force he was describing. Therefore, I was relying too heavily on my arms to do the lifts. This is why I contend that the 75lbs was too much weight. It compromised my form too much.

I had a vague strategy for the METCON. On the drive over, I’d figured, “OK 3 burpees plus 7 Thrusters per round for 15 rounds. 7 x 15 would give me 105 reps in the 15th minute. That should work.” What I couldn’t forsee was the wear and tear over time and how much it would slow me down. The first 5 or so rounds, I was taking 12-15 seconds to do the burpees. The middle 5 rounds they were taking anywhere from 18-25 seconds. The last 5 rounds they were taking close to 35 seconds. Leaving not much time to do the required Thruster reps, and no time for rest or recovery. I threw out my tracking sheet after the WOD so I don’t have specific numbers. But somewhere in the middle sets I realized the pace was not sustainable and compromised with myself. I settled on 4 Thrusters per minute, just to see how far it would carry me. In the end, I finished with 67 reps at 75 lbs and I was spent.

This WOD was definitely an education. I take comfort in the fact that out of 10 so athletes in the 6:15 session today, I believe only 2 hit the 100 Thruster mark and both of those were accomplished in the 15th minute. My hat is definitely off to them.