Attitude is so important. Really need to keep that in mind. I’ve talked about it here before, but it’s not always easy to maintain. Thankfully, today was a good day.

Warm Up — Got in my 800M run first. Found my watch, so I was able to time it for the first time. 4:27 at what I would qualify as a brisk pace. I was mindful that I was timing the run, but also aware that it was a warm up, so it wasn’t anywhere near 100% effort.

Jack led the WOD this morning and guided us through stretching and practicing the motions of the various stages of the snatch.

WOD for Tuesday 111511
Establish 1RM
Based on my notes, I pretty much floundered with the exercise around 85# a couple of months ago. I committed today to working near that weight, getting past it and hopefully getting beyond 100#. Ultimately, I did all three. I had two attempts at 75# missing one. Two successful attempts at 85#. Then worked 7 reps at 95# missing three. As with the clean yesterday, Each miss, hell, each rep had something that wasn’t quite there. But attitude being a large part of the difference today, I was able accept the challenges and correct them.

I have to thank Renee who was working next to me today, too. She saw me miss a lift at 95#. I don’t know if she missed her previous lift too. As we were standing there considering our respective next reps, she turned to me and very matter of factly said, “C’mon. Let’s lift these, right now.” There was no debate, no question, no challenge. Just a statement, “We’re going to do this now.” The only response I could make was, “Ok, let’s lift.” We stepped up to our bars and sure enough up they both went. I congratulated on her lift and thanked her for her lifting me in the moment. After that, I made a couple of additional lifts at 95# to build confidence.

I decided to try and end the day with a hit and break the triple digit wall for this lift, so I added 10# for 105. No one’s going to make a training “how to” video of that last snatch but the weight went up and stayed up, so I’m counting it. Call it a single in the gap.

5 Rounds For Time:
5 Man Makers (40/25)
5 Deadhang Pullups
Run 200m

I saw the METCON last night and was excited to see Man Makers back. It’s been a long time since I’ve done those. I was curious to see how they would go. I scaled back slightly off the 22.5# DB’s I used back in August, but not too far. I went with 20# to see how I’ve progressed. I’m pleased to say that they felt stronger. I’m sure not every rep was ideal but all in all, I felt more consistent and solid. I appreciated Jack’s reminder midway through to rely on my hips more to force the dumb bells overhead on the thruster. It made a huge difference in the final sets.

The METCON took 15:25. Somehow 15 minutes today didn’t feel as punishing as the METCONs last week that went for comparable times. Part of that I suspect is the exercises. While today’s exercises were demanding and exhausting there was relatively low impact. No tearing hands from deadlifts, no jarring joints from box jumps etc. I think that’s part of the equation. Plus I expect I just had my head in the game a bit better today.

I did appreciate that on the last 200M run, I almost got run down by Rebekah and Paul P. I know today was Rebekah’s birthday, but I wasn’t about to give up any gifts  and let myself be overtaken if I could prevent it. Paul P had a better vantage point, so he could verify, but I suspect with 10 or so more meters she would have run me down. Paul P made a point of calling out that he was back there and overtaking us. I know if he chose to, Paul could have blown by us on a whim. I presume since he was completing a 6th round he elected to slip into coach mode over competitor mode. He challenged us without embarrassing us and that was appreciated.