I’m getting stronger, but not more coordinated. That continues to be a large part of the challenge and equalizer of practicing Crossfit, which I respect. In the span of an hour, I achieved a great PR on a lift, and then got humbled spending 10 minutes tripping over a jump rope. Keeps it all in perspective.

Warm Ups — Jack lead today’s session and worked the group through a series of exercises to get loose: air squats, arm circles, boot strappers, air squats and stretches.

WOD for Thursday 111711
Back Squat

This was another lift that I got jacked up about when I found it listed as part of today’s WOD. It’s been some weeks since I’ve worked this and I’m always eager to try and push a new PR. This is one of the lifts suited to my simplistic mentality and my relative strengths. It’s uncomplicated and relies on a solid foundation. I got that! Last time I tried this lift, I worked to 185. So I told Erin last night my goal for today was to crack 200lbs. Jack pointed out as we were getting started that while we were to go heavy, we weren’t necessarily looking to set a new 1RM. Well, I most definitely was.

The first two lifts were at 135 and 155 respectively. They felt very good. So I jumped straight to 185. I wanted to be aggressive this morning and get to the old PR quickly. I figured I’d either hit it early and spend the balance of the time working up to a new ceiling, or I’d fail quick and have lots of lifts to work around that 185. After successfully lifting 185, I decided to attack my next goal of 200+ right away. Jack observed my squat at 205 and congratulated me. I confirmed with him that was a new PR and celebrated a bit in my head. I didn’t ring it in because it I knew I had several lifts left. I didn’t intend to ring the PR bell until I understood what my true 1RM was.

From 205 I jumped to 215 and then onto 225. Those both went very well. With one scheduled lift left, I decided to jump to 245. I wanted to know if I could squat more than my body weight of 235. I fully expected that 245 wouldn’t happen, but I comfortable with what I’d already accomplished. It was a tough lift, but it was pretty solid. With just a few minutes left, I figured “what the hell?” I added 10 more pounds and successfully squatted 255! Jack observed that lift too and commented that he feels that’s not the true ceiling. He said it didn’t look like I was straining that hard. I’m not sure. It sure felt heavy to me, but I expect he’s right. On fresh legs, there’s a few more pounds there to be had. But I’m still quite proud to declare 255lbs my new 1RM! For now.

Then I got humbled. To be upfront, I’m not upset about the METCON. Just trying to look at it objectively and realizing that while my raw power seems to be improving in dramatic leaps, the improvements in coordination are far more gradual and generally tougher to quantify.

5 Rounds For Time:
5 Clusters (135/95)
50 Double Unders

First, I stripped the bar down to 75 lbs for the clusters. I know perfectly well that I’m nowhere near RX for this. I accept that without ego. Then there were the double unders. Ah those cursed double unders. The website said we could substitute parallete jumps for the double unders. That was my intent. For some ill-conceived reason, I thought I was going to breeze through those and it would improve my overall time for the METCON. About 25 jumps into the first set and I realized what a bad strategy that was. I found them particularly jarring today and I couldn’t string more than 5 jumps together at a clip. I plodded through the first set and resolved to grab a jump rope the next time through.

Switching to the rope did not make me any more efficient. I just had a really tough time synching my hands and feet this morning. During the third overall round, (my second round jumping rope) I don’t believe I ever got more than 10 jumps in a row. During the fourth and fifth sets I had runs of single unders approaching 50 unbroken jumps, so that was solid, but man it was tough to do. In the end, I finished the METCON in 10:55. Much of that time was untangling the rope from between my feet. I’m going to have to consider how I may be able to manage my energy and effort better to ensure I’ve got a bit more focus on form over power. All in all a very good day.