Pretty good WOD today. Not my strongest day in the gym, but one of my least favorite lifts is slowly improving, so it’s progress.

WOD for Tuesday 112211

Warm Ups – Jack led us through stretches and warm up motions simulating the various stages of the snatch. I abandoned my 800M run again today. My left ankle is not 100% healthy. For lack of a better description something is loose and floating around in that ankle. For the most part it doesn’t trouble me, but running definitely exacerbates it. I’m holding off on seeing a doctor just yet, but I’ve been monitoring it for about 10 days. If it doesn’t get better in the next week or so, I’ll be making an appointment. In the interim, I’m laying off additional training. I plan to keep going with 4 WODs a week, but I’m not adding to anything on the daily calendar.

Snatch Balance

Worked with Will today during the strength session. That was very cool. This is a tough lift for me. It was great to have eyes on every rep. We warmed up with a few reps with a bare bar. Then progressed quickly through 75, 95, 115 lbs. All of those lifts felt solid, although I’ll concede that I probably wasn’t squatting as deeply as I should be. That caught up with me later too. I stayed at 125lbs for the next three rounds because it felt off. By the third time through I felt confident enough to attempt 135. I tried it twice and couldn’t make it go. I just couldn’t convince myself to dive deeply or fast enough to squat down under that much weight. Will is convinced and I’m inclined to agree that the raw strength is there. I just have to get it in my head that I want to get down under that bar. That is not an easy thing to do. I can be stubborn. Still, last time we did snatches, I didn’t lift past 95 lbs, so this was significant progress. Plus, while I still have a long way to go, I feel like my form is improving incrementally. I’m pleased about that.

5 Rounds For Time:
Run 200m
5 Power Snatch (135/95)

The guidance on the website for scaling power snatches if not performed Rx was “use a load around 75% of 1RM.” I scaled back just a shade further. 125 was my top lift today. 70% of that would have been 87lbs. I worked with 85. That was a good call for me. While I didn’t necessarily perform all snatches unbroken, I did work fast. I was able to manage my rests within the space of a couple of deep breaths (no more than 3). Form got a bit wonky in the third set. Jack had to remind me to use more hip. With that reminder though, I feel like I did a pretty solid job in the final two sets.

As I mentioned earlier, my ankle is not all right and it was pretty jarring today during the runs. The upside was that the discomfort forced me to get off of my heels and more up on the balls of my feet, which I’m told is more desirable. Funny how pain becomes a great motivator. I finished the WOD in a respectable 9:13.

Even though I’m working Wednesday, I have some flexibility in my schedule. The kids are not going to school. They’re going to my mother’s. I may grab an extra hour of sleep and work out with the 7:15 group. I’m in a phase lately where I’m trying to shake up my own patterns. I’ve been altering schedules/patterns at work just to shake myself out of a place of complacency/routine and see things a bit different. I find when I do this, I get fresh perspective on things. Doing a WOD with a group of athletes that I don’t frequently train with under the guidance of a different coach would be a similar effect. We’ll see.  The opportunity to sleep in the extra hour sure is appealing.

I am glad the gym is going to be open as much as it is this week. I’m looking forward to training both Thanksgiving Day and the day after.In other news, the T-shirts for Fight Gone Bad 6 participants arrived! Very excited about that. I’ll be wearing that one with great pride for a long time coming. I feel like I earned that one!

Also found out that my 58 year old neighbor is registered for the Carolina Fitness Challenge coming up in two weeks! That’s very cool. Looking forward to seeing how she does. I’m planning on volunteering around the gym for much of that day. Should be very interesting to see the competition all around.