There is nothing rational about hurling your body under a metal bar with heavy plates attached to it all totaling in excess of 100lbs. Yet there I was again, 6:15 this morning trying to get the snatch right.

We warmed up by stretching with PVC pipes and then some basic calisthenics. Jack was leading our session this morning and I’m pretty sure I’m giving him fits. That’s ok. We all need our challenges.

WOD for Monday 120511
Hang Snatch

I did 3 lifts at 95 lbs trying to build some confidence. Jack observed my second lift and his primary suggestion was that I landed forward on the balls of my feet and that I should try to get back on my heels. I jumped up to 115 and missed it twice. One of them Jack pointed out that it looked very good, even though I didn’t complete it. I told him it felt awkward.

I backed down to 95 again and got it successfully. Jack thought it looked easy and suggested that I add weight in smaller increments. So from 95 I went to 105. I missed it once. Again, from the outside looking in Jack liked it. He said it was one of my best catches with the bar back where it should be.  From where I was squatting under the bar, I didn’t feel like I could stand it up and I bailed. I saw him shaking his head too. I did lift 105 on the next lift, but there wasn’t anything pretty about it. I added 5 more pounds at Jack’s suggestion and lifted 110# twice. Ugly lifts both of them, but the bar went up and stayed up.

I just don’t know what’s going on with this one. More reps. More practice. Less analysis.

21-15-9 Reps For Time:
KB Swings (52/35)

I tinkered with the idea of going Rx for this METCON. I was thinking, “Hey, it’s Monday. I’m fresh after two days of rest. If I’m ever going to have a clean shot to go Rx, this is it.” Then I considered that I still want to get in 3 other workouts this week, so some scale seemed appropriate. I grabbed a 44# kettle bell. I placed it in my area and stepped out of the box for a moment. When I returned, I noticed Jack in my area, checking my kettle bell. I knew what he was up to. He was checking me out to insure I was living up to our earlier conversations about pushing myself on kettle bells and dumb bells. I called out and asked him if that one was going to be ok. He smiled and told me yes, I had the right one.

This was a FAST METCON! I finished in 5:21 and was in the bottom third of the athletes in the box. Kettle bell swings all went unbroken. Burpees I probably can’t claim as unbroken, but any pause was no longer than a single extra breath. I really tried to stay in motion at all times for this one.

I left the box feeling really good. On the drive home, I was thinking that I should have gone for the Rx. However, in the time it took me to get 8 miles from CFD to the house, my legs tightened up SIGNIFICANTLY! Sliding out of the relatively low riding Mustang and trying to stand up straight again I realized that 44# was the right answer. 😉 Good stuff! A nice way to kick off the week.