Efficency, that’s the word of the day today. I’m dashing this one off without any eye for composition, structure or editting. Yesterday was a “thank God for Crossfit day.” It was literally the only thing that went well yesterday and without it, I might very well be running around right now doing my best Hunter S. Thompson impersonation with a head full of rum and a mid-seventies convertible on a beer run to Cabo!

Monday’s workout went like this:
Ring Stability Drills
Then, Ring Pushups
5 Sets for Max Reps

The ring stability drills were cool. Another example of how much crossfit in general reminds me of a playground challenge. Here’s an example: Assume a good plank position in the rings. Hands in the rings, lowered about as close as you can get them to the floor.  Feet on the floor. Ankles and legs pinned together. Lower into the plank, then extend one arm out as far as you can to one side, so you’re holding yourself on the other bent arm. Hold that one second, bring the arm in. Repeat on the other side.

Then repeat that process multiple times for a 3 sec, and 10 sec hold. After a brief rest, start again at 1 sec, but this time extend one arm out in front you in your best Superman pose. Alternate arms for 1, 3, and 10 sec.

It’s the kind of thing that, just like back on the play ground would evolve into “let’s see who can hold that the longest.”

For the actual 5 sets of ring push ups, I did 61 reps total. It wasnt’ exactly 12 reps per set, but they were all close. No 20 one set, 7 the next. They were all right around 12 reps each. Compared to the 42 that I did back on Sept 13th, I’m very pleased with the overall progress.

Tabata Deadlifts
8 intervals of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

This was tricky to prepare for. Most everyone was wandering the gym at 6:15 scratching their heads trying to figure out an appropriate weight.  The additional guidance for this METCON was to “pick a weight that would allow you to hit a total of about 50 reps” by the end of the WOD. Well I know my 1 and 3 rep max, but a 50 rep max?! I have no clue.

Basically, it came down to: “Well, I’ve got 8 sets to hit 50 reps. I need to average a bit better than 6 reps. So I need a weight that’s challenging, but not crushing for 6 or reps at a clip.

I set up a bar for 185 and attempted a set. I did do one set of 6, but it was obvious that 8 sets was going to be far too hard. I scaled it back to 165# and settled in there.

Everyone got set up, Jack said go and we were off. In the end, I got 57 reps. My first two sets were 9 and 7 respectively. After that, I’m honestly not sure. I counted sequentially after I got to 16 in that second set. So, from 16 when the third set started, I picked up the count at 17 knowing I needed to get at least to 23, but 24 would be better.

It was a very fast 4 min. Given the rest of the day after the gym, (infected/disabled work computer, back up computers with inadequate software, tempermental 2 yo’s, just general disorder and family chaos associated with the holidays, etc) I was really glad to have accomplished such an effective and EFFICIENT workout to start my day. Afterall, as my buddy JJ pointed out, 165 x 57= 9405# or 4.75 Tons moved in 4 minutes. That’s efficient.

It really did give me something to fall back on every time I realized something else on my to-do list was not going to get done yesterday. Now, if you’ll excuse me….that list is growling at me in the corner. Time to go tame it.