Sing along with me now, to the tune of “Sunshine on My Shoulder,” “Ball slams in the morning make me happy. Ball slams in the morning make me smile.” It’s not exaggerating when I tell you I literally walked out of Crossfit Durham today singing that song aloud. I had that much fun today. Ball slams and a new clean PR will do that for me.

WOD for Thursday 120811
Power Clean

Coach Jack was leading the workout today. He put us through some basic stretches and kettle bell exercises to warm up. Craig invited me to work with him today on the cleans. I readily agreed. Anytime I can work with a partner I’ll do it. I find I pace myself much better that way.

I’d checked my logs last night and saw that my last PR for power cleans was 145. I was hoping to get passed that today, but didn’t have a specific number in mind beyond that.

Lifts of 95, 115 and 135 were all pretty uneventful. We lifted 145 and while I was successful at it, I didn’t like the lift so I did a second rep which felt stronger. On to 155. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was successful. So I took a trip across the gym and rang the PR Bell. After a brief rest we lifted 165, so now my PR for this lift has climbed 20#! As Craig continued onto larger numbers, I was unable to keep pace. I attempted 175 two times, but it wasn’t there.

I’ll be the first to concede that no one’s going to  make a “how to” training video of my form this morning, but it still felt very satisfying to lift heavy things and lift heavier things than I ever have before on that lift. The week has been a bit stressful. It was really gratifying just to succeed at something as intended. I expect I’ll be lingering around this number for quite some time to make the form correct and consistent.

Every 30 seconds for 8 minutes:
Perform 1 Power Clean (70% of heaviest load from strength segment)
5 Ball Slams (30/20)

After a brief rest and some quick math, I figured out that 70% of 165 is 115#, so I loaded up a barbell and grabbed a 25# slam ball for the METCON.

Even though it was published very clearly, I had read this thinking we’d be doing 8 sets of work. 30 sec of work followed by 30 sec of rest, resuming the next set at the top of every minute. Jack explained however that the new set would begin every 30 sec and we were doing 16 sets total! Oh boy!

This METCON was a blast! I was grunting between ball slams! Hollering during rest periods! My love for ball slams is well documented. The timing of this METCON was fabulous too. The past couple of days things haven’t been bad, but highly inconvenient. I apparently had some aggression that’s been looking for an outlet. Today’s METCON was pretty much a sanctioned tantrum! “Here. Pick this up! Slam it down. Slam it again!” Hell, yeah! Now I’m ready to carry on with my week in a civilized manner again.