Today’s WOD was “Lynne,” one of the crossfit benchmark WODs.

5 Rounds NOT For Time:
Max Rep Bench Press (1x body weight)
Immediately followed by,
Max Rep Pullups
Rest as needed between rounds

I took advantage of being on vacation and went to the 8:30 am session again today. It was very cool. Somehow going to the gym in the full light of day with the daylight pouring in the front windows makes the whole experience seem more civilized compared to the dark of a winter morning at 6:15. Doesn’t change the fact that I got smoked again today.

Coach Ashley lead us through some warm up stretches and push ups after a moderate 500M row.

I haven’t done a bench press since joining the gym so I had no frame of reference for what I could lift. I knew it wouldn’t be 1x body weight (235), but I was looking forward to figuring it out. We worked in pairs partly to ensure everyone had a spotter when lifting and because there weren’t enough benches to go around. I worked with Matt H today. He was very generous in helping me figure out a good weight for the WOD and providing informal coaching and encouragement while lifting.

We did some quick warm up sets with a bare bar, then 95 and 135 pounds. Matt was looking to work a weight that would satisfy the Rx, so we set the bar up at 165. I did a couple experimental reps. It turned out to be a challenging but reasonable weight for me.

My bench press sets went: 11, 11, 10, 9, 7 = 48 reps

Pull ups were: 9, 10, 7, 9, 5 = 40 reps

Total score of 88

Not a great score, but I’m satisfied with it. I was surprised how and where I started to ache during this workout. I got serious cramps in my hips during the third set of bench presses. Not too surprising in hindsight. Folks were very clear and I was trying to be very cognizant of pushing my feet into the floor and pushing through my heels. At the time though, the cramps caught me completely unaware.

I’ve started another New Year’s fitness resolution. I usually do pull ups with two bands, blue and + red. I went with just a blue one today reducing the assistance. My sets were reasonably strong. So it feels like progress.

I’ll be anxious to see the bench press come around on the strength training in the future. I’m curious to see what kind of 1RM I may be able to set the next time it comes around.