Pretty good morning today. Didn’t quite meet all my goals, but I’m pleased with the  overall progress.

WOD for Monday 010212
Overhead Squat

This was my first WOD back with the 6:15 crew since the start of the holiday season. I was pleased that getting up at 5:20 was not as difficult as I anticipated after 10 days of sleeping in. Coach Jack is back too and he put the crew through a series of push ups and light kettle bell complex before got into the WOD.

I last did OHS late in November and worked around 105 working on form. Today I wanted to to push myself for a new PR. I did a warm up set with a bare bar which felt fine. First set at 95lbs felt very good so I went straight to 105 for the second set. All three reps felt very good. The third set at 115 also felt very solid, so I went to 125 for a fourth set. It was a bit sluggish, but overall was pretty good. Jack watched and pointed out that I’m breathing throughout the entire repetition, so I’m not staying as rigid as I could be from top to bottom, so that’s sotmething to work on.

I took the bar to 135 for the fifth set. The first rep of my first attempt was a failure. It was just wrong from the moment I bent my knees. I dumped the bar in front of me and ended up on my backside. I got part of the way through a backward roll, but the cinderblock wall behind me decided I hadn’t built up enough momentum and prevented me from seeing it through. Ouch.

Took a few minutes to get myself together and decided to give it one more go. I got one really sloppy rep and bailed on the second. I didn’t feel like I had any balance and I was ratcheting my way down into the squat. Lowering myself down on one side and then trying to lower the other side down shortly thereafter. It just doesn’t work. Jack observed it and pointed out that it just didn’t look like I was set up or rigid right from the start. I’m not upset about failing that wait given my 3 RM climbed 20 lbs today.

For Time:
3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (52/35)
12 Pullups

Another crossfit benchmark WOD. I’m really enjoying these right now. I like the idea of setting baselines for these early in the year. Hopefully we’ll see them again later in the year and I’ll have a real straightline comparison to guage progress.

This one was TOUGH today. It was around 40 degrees here today. I’m not making excuses for my runs (which looked like I should have been hauling a beer wagon behind me), but the crisp air made breathing challenging. Michelle and I joked post-WOD that the new bootcamp class starting today must have used up all the usable oxygen when they were out doing their benchmark testing. What can you do though?

I honored my new year’s resolutions and used the 52lb kettle bell for swings and used just the blue band for pull ups. Kettle bell swings (American style) were challenging but they went largely unbroken. Pull ups were another story.

First set was 10 and 2, I believe. Second set was like 6, and then doubles. I think I even did the last two in that set as negatives, because that’s all that was left in my arms. The third set went something like 3, 3, 2 and then 4 negatives. There was a lot of pausing through that set as well. Finished the WOD in 14:33.

The guidance for the day was that the WOD should have been completed inside of 12 minutes and to scale accordingly. I can accept the logic that I failed in that respect. I prefer to look at it from the perspective that I challenged myself on the KB swings and used less assistance than before on the pull ups and I completed the WOD. So I consider it progress and a positive.