Today was another one of those days where any casual passerby who looked inside the CFD window would probably scratch their head and wonder, “what the heck is going on in there?”

Here’s the WOD for Tuesday 010312
Pick 1 or 2 skills an practice for 20 minutes
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps For Time:
DB Thrusters
Knees To Elbows

Anyone who passed by the gym in the first 20-30 minutes would have witnessed a very diverse collection of exercises going on. A couple of examples, some folks working on handstands, a few swinging from rings, some (including me) squatting using only one leg onto stools and then standing back up again. It just struck me that it would have looked very chaotic from the outside looking in.

Coach Jack had us warm up with a minute of single unders. That went pretty smoothly. He followed that up with a minute of double unders. That did not start out smoothly for anyone. There were 7 or 8 of us this morning. The first shot at double unders was a synchronized failure. Almost to the person, we took a couple of warm up singles, then attempted a double under and as far as I could see we  all failed on that first attempt. We ended up standing there looking around the gym at one another in confusion. It was kind of amusing. Other folks found their rhythms very quickly. I did not. I did lots of single rep double unders this morning.

After we put the jump ropes away, Jack moved us over to the rings to continue the warm ups. We set the rings at ring dip height, elevated ourselves, locked our arms and held that elevated position for 10 seconds. I was surprised to discover I could do this. Bodyweight/stability exercises are a real challenge for me. It’s one of the areas I’ll be paying attention to in the coming year, but this I could do. Of course, Jack had more in store for us.

Next, we elevated and at his direction rotated our arms/wrists so that our clenched fists were no longer facing our sides, but turned out so that they were facing forward. OW! I could not maintain this for more than a second or two. I had to do multiple sets to get the required accumulated 10 seconds of hang time.

Jack then took this to another level. Elevate, turn hands out, and then do controlled descent executing a negative rep. Do 5 reps. Given I couldn’t really support my weight in this position, this was really just 5 more reps of what I’d done the previous set.

I’m really enjoying the free form pick your own gymnastics skill and practice format. I like being able to experiment on things that I’ve never tried before. However, I need to develop a bit more focus and set more precise goals for myself to make the most of the time.

For gymnastics, my primary focus was on pistols again. I used a 17″ box for support at the bottom of my range of motion. I did 4 sets. 5 reps on the right leg each set. I did a total of 22 reps on the left hand side. I wanted to add a few more on that side to work my weak side. I should have defined how many I was going to do (ie: 2 left leg reps for every 1 right leg rep, or something to that effect). I would have gotten more out of it, if I had clearer goals. Lesson learned. Next time. It’s a fine line for me though. I like having specific goals, but there’s a tipping point where it’s easy for me to get overly analytical and critical, if I’m too specific. Today was definitely a day though where I would have benefited from some more precise planning. On the up side, this is only the second time I’ve tried pistols and the reps already felt a bit better than last time. That’s likely because I’m more familiar with the motion.

I also did a few hand stands. I was simply trying to satisfy my own curiosity for this one. I wanted to know if I could hold an unsupported handstand. If I start out supported on the wall then shift my weight a bit, I can hold a hand stand for at most 5 sec. It’s a question of balance and familiarity/comfort with being inverted not strength. Just need to keep practicing.

For the METCON, I probably under acheived. I went with 25# dumb bells for the thrusters. I probably should have done at least 30#. I initially grabbed 40’s and experimented with a few reps. My left arm wasn’t having any of that. I think I overreacted and scaled too far back. The advantage of using the lighter dumb bells meant I was more strict/conscientious of form during the thrusters. I really paid attention to exploding my hips through the reps.

I substituted Toe Raises for Knees to Elbows as well. See this photo of Lil Bit?

lil bit on swing

Lil Bit's closer to a legit KTE than Daddy right now

Got through the METCON in 7:05. It was a very intense workout.

Not a bad day. In fact, I enjoyed the workout a lot. It just was not a ‘whoo-hoo I get to celebrate a PR’ sort of day. One of those days where I remember how far I have to go in all of this. I just keep reminding myself. Take it one day at a time. Try to go just a little bit further this time than you did the last time and then it still counts as progress.