Gym class for grown ups, that’s what it seemed like to me today…and I had a blast with it.

WOD for Friday 010612 —
Pick 1 or 2 movements and practice for 20-30 minutes
Turkish Get Ups
Max Reps in 10 minutes
Pick a doable load and stick with it

Coach Stew was in charge today. He started us of with some extensive stretching and mobility working from the ankles up for warm ups. After a full week of WODs I really appreciated the chance to do a systems check joint by joint from the ground up. I found a few sore spots/muscles that I wouldn’t normally have found on my own, so that was productive. Now I know I need to roll them out this weekend.

I began focused on pistols again for the gymnastics portion of the WOD. I held to my 2:1 ratio Left leg (weak side) to Right leg reps. I really want to work the left side for a while and try to strengthen and stabilize it. I only did 3 sets of pistols using a 17″ box. Each set was 6 left leg reps and 3 right leg. They felt pretty good and Stew observed them, felt they were pretty solid at the depth, so he showed me something new. He introduced me to rollups.

A two leg roll up is where you essentially squat down and initiate a backwards roll. When your legs get behind your head, stop the roll and reverse your momentum so your now rolling forward still in a tuck position. Roll fast enough to get your feet under you and rise to a standing position. The catch? Don’t user your hands or arms except for balance.

Turns out on a standard gymnastics mat, after just a couple of practice reps, I can do these fairly consistently. They’re not that tough. Stew watched a couple, congratulated me and said, “good work, now do one leg roll ups.”  I looked at him and told him, “c’mon. You just made that up.” We laughed and he assured me it’s a legitimate exercise and demonstrated.

So to do a one leg roll up, you start by doing a pistol. Extended one leg forward and squat down on the other leg. Go as low as you can. When you reach your maximum depth hold that position for a second or two, then initiate the backward roll. In this variation, keep the legs in the same positions they were in at the bottom of your squat, one extended, one tucked. Roll back. Reverse your momentum. Roll forward. Plant the foot on the tucked leg. Keep the other leg extended and stand it up. The roll ups don’t necessarily require you to get as deep as a pistol, and they help you develop the balance and strength to stand the pistols back up.

I never landed one of these, but I was damn close a couple of times. I’m going to be practicing these in the backyard with the kids all weekend. I understand the practicality of them relative to the pistol. The truth of it is I find them to be just plain fun. I was laughing out loud today as I was rolling through these, even though I never actually stuck one.

The METCON went very well too. I used a 40# kettle bell for the Turkish Get Ups. That’s the same weight I used when we did this same METCON on 12/18. On that day I did 22 reps evenly distributed between both arms. This morning I went back and forth for a while about whether to increase the load or not. I decided to keep the weight consistent to see if I could increase the reps and have an apples to apples comparison. I’m pleased to say I got 31 reps today. a 40% increase. I’ll confess though that I was not entirely strict about alternating arms today. I did 13 reps each arm alternating. Then I did 27 and 28 right arm. 29 was left arm. 30 and 31 were both right arm.

It was a great way to wrap up the week. Now, I have to make some decisions now about diet and nutrition. That may have to be it’s own post. For now though, the gym is starting contest starting jan 15, the Look Better Naked Challenge. Part of me wants to take part. I certainly could benefit from being far more diligent about my diet. Part of me doesn’t want to bother. Given just how cleanly some folks at the gym live their lives, I don’t have any real expectation that I could win. If I can’t win, why compete?

I also have to change some habits around breakfast. I’m not always getting to eat until 2+ hours after the morning WODs. That’s not beneficial. I have to modify some habits to streamline my mornings and help myself out. Need to focus on that…yeah, nutrition is going to need it’s own post.