It’s the cleans that burned me! More on that a bit later. All in all a solid workout this morning, but I’m relieved that tomorrow is scheduled to be a rest day. Whew!

WOD for Tuesday 011012
21-15-9 Reps For Time:
Split Jerk (135/95)
Chest to Bar Pullups

Jack lead today and put us through our paces warming up with PVC pipes and some bodyweight exercises to get loose. We also spent a bit of time while we were all together reviewing various points of the jerk for the METCON later.

The strength segment went well. We did strict press. No dips before the drive! 135# was the target for the day. The first two sets at 95 and 115 felt really solid. The third set at 125 felt good. Jack observed the whole set and offered, “Nice, Paul. Good. Very good.” Woo-hoo! Now that’s a confidence booster when the coach gives you that kind of feedback. That might actually feel better than a PR! OK, so that might be stretching it. The feedback is still greatly appreciated.

For the fourth set was done at 135#. It went very well. A few people were keeping an eye on this set and offered encouragement as the set progressed. Thanks, all. It was appreciated. I heard Troie call out on one rep to shoot my head through and he was exactly right. I was struggling, but soon as I did it, the weight went up.

145 for the final set. Pulled off 2 of 3 reps. Couldn’t get the last one. Don’t know if my mean face let me down or if the bar quit on me but it wasn’t my fault of course. Even wearing my Andre the Giant “Brute Squad” tee shirt wasn’t enough to pump out that last rep. The only logical conclusion is that it just wasn’t meant to be.  Still, I was very pleased with that portion of the workout.

The METCON was really tough. I had to scale the pullups. Jack came by and we talked about how to do that. He’s familiar with my blue band only resolution, but pointed out that these were chest to bar not chin to bar pull ups. He suggested I consider more assistance than I might otherwise use. Check your ego, right? Ultimately, I gave myself an exemption and went with a green band. It was necessary. I’d still be at the gym now doing negatives without it.

Since I was already scaling I chose 115# for the jerks. My experiment set at 135# made it clear that scaling would be required. The initial strategy for the METCON was to divide each set of jerks into three subsets. However, there was a gaping hole in that plan. Each set of jerks started from the floor and 115# is not too far off my max weight for cleans. That meant that while the jerks themselves were wearing they weren’t too tough. The hard part was getting the bar racked from the floor! Tough enough that in the round of 15 it seemed like a better idea to just grind through as many jerks as possible since bar was already racked. It seemed better to minimize the number of subsets and just keep the bar up there rather than drop it, reset and clean it again. But that made the chin ups that much tougher. Ah well, that’s the way it goes.  Finished in 13:38. The rewarding part of the METCON? EVERYONE looked as wrung out as I felt, so this one definitely goes into the “savage” category.

In other news, I stuck my size 11 Innov-8’s squarely in my mouth yesterday. I posted here and on FB how I’ve lost 4 1/2 inches off my gut since starting crossfit. Dave from CFD asked if I have before and after photos. I’m inferring from that question, if I have them would I be willing to share them? While I’m very proud of the changes in my body  so far and I do have photos of me in nothing but gym shorts from various stages along the way, I just don’t know if I’m ready to “go public” with them.  Plus, I need to take some new ones of where I’m at now. Last photos are at least 3 mos old. The thing is I took these pictures for my reference. I’m not sure I ever intended to publish them. So I’ll ask folks, is anyone out there (aside from me) legitimately interested in seeing photos of me at various weight from 275 down to 235? If it has the potential to inspire someone else to get fit, then I’ll do it. Let me know. I’ve shared damn near everything else so far, I’m not sure why this is different, but it is.