Pretty cool to take yesterday’s learnings at the squat clinic and put them to work today in the WOD.

WOD for Monday 011612
Back Squat

That’s a lot of squats! Looking at it Sunday night and still nursing my legs from Sunday’s clinic, I resolved to go light today and just focus on technique. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not real good with resolutions.

There was a lot of attitude in the gym today. It was pretty cool. Just lots of back and forth banter. People giving each other a hard time in a good natured fashion. It was pretty contagious too. Made for a good morning. For example, Craig pointed out that my kelly green gym shorts and fire engine red shirt may have been a fashion challenge. Sure on the surface of it, it sounded like a compliment when he said, that I “was looking quite festive,” but I can read between the lines. Even at 6am. My response, was simply that this was my way of keeping the Christmas spirit all year round.

I warmed up on the backsquats with 135#. (Aside- 6 months ago, I would never have thought that 135# of any exercise would be considered a warm up.) The shoes came off right from the start. Sets of 165, and 185 were all very smooth and solid. Breathing was very focused and the hips were always the first body part to be set in motion.

Jack observed my third set of 5 at 205#. Some times I just get stubborn in the gym. For whatever reason, my preparation for this set was poor. My hands were in too close to my shoulders. My feet were too close together beneath me. It took a rep or two to figure that out, but rather than adjust, I plowed through the rest of the set without readjusting. Don’t know why. Jack pointed out that I need to ensure that I break parallel. He was right. Everything was so compacted in on itself, there was just no getting that low. We talked it over briefly and he agreed to come back to check a later set.

My goal for the day was 80% of my 1RM which is 275. So I was shooting for roughly 220. I really had no intention of pushing beyond that, but things were moving so smoothly, why fight it. Sets of 225 and 225 felt very good.

Jack was nearby for the final set at 235 and it seemed very good. He assured me that all reps were deep enough and the set looked solid.

AMRAP in 8 minutes:
1 Turkish Get Up
3 KB Snatch
3 1-arm KB OHS (alternate hands each round)
(1+3+3 = 1 round)

This was a goofy METCON. We started on the floor. Did the first half of the TGU rising from the floor to standing with the KB over our heads. Then let it drop to do the 3 snatches. Then locked it out overhead again for 3 squats. Then did the second half of the TGU returning to the prone position. That was one round.

I did a few extra snatches because more than once after doing the snatches, I let the kettle bell drop between my legs, and then remembered that I still needed to complete the TGU before starting the next round. So I had to snatch it back up.  In the end, I completed 5 full rounds on each arm with a 40# kettle bell. I enjoyed it and it was a very intense WOD.