It was just plain fun today. Working on the rings is always cool, but today was a bit of a break through day. Mostly it was like play and I just love that.

WOD for Tuesday 011712
Take 30 minutes to work on inversions and skin the cats
10 Rounds For Time:
10 Deadlifts (135/95)
10 Pushups

Jack lead the warm ups and after working Sunday and Monday, my body was aching. My legs felt so tight today. I was cringing through most of the stretches and exercises. I might have whimpered once or twice. I’m not sure.

We moved over to the rings to start that work. One of the rings skills that eludes me are inversions. I’ve tried a couple of times and just haven’t been able to put the motions together. Well, today, Jack showed us a way to scale the inversion, by starting out in a band. Wrap a band between the rings and position it on your back. Hop up between the rings and seat yourself in the band like an elastic swing. Then ease yourself backwards until inverted. This was EXACTLY what I needed.

Once I’m upside down, my form is ok. I have a good vertical line that I can hold. Jack mentioned that I have a good hollow body. I can hang there for an extended period of time. But getting my feet from the floor over my head has been impossible until today. Without the band it still is.

Couple of reminders not to take any of this too seriously. First, I discovered that if I inverted too fast before I had my body rigid, the band slides up my legs behind my knees and my butt would drop too fast. The result I couldn’t get the correct straight line inverted position. More than once I ended up hanging/swinging head up with my hands holding the rings, my butt to the floor with my legs bent and the band behind my knees. We dubbed this the “Ukrainian Porch Swing.” It’s a little known gymnastics move that we’re confident will be showcased at the London games this Summer.

Another lesson learned…ALWAYS wear compression shorts. I’m sure everyone at the 6:15 session (Meghan in particular) was thankful that I did because I pantsed myself on more than one inversion. It can’t be helped! The band starts out taut against the seat of your gym shorts. As you invert the band still with a lot of tension in it slides/rolls the length of your legs and on more than one occasion it took my gym shorts with it. Mind you I’m inverted at this point, so my shirt is now hanging loose down over my head, so if it weren’t for compression shorts, poor Meghan working on the rings directly across from me would have been staring into the glare of a full moon right there in the gym…awkward. So after 20 min or so of monkeying around on the rings it was time for the METCON.

That METCON got in my head as soon as I saw it last night. 100 deadlifts is a lot of deadlifts. 100 deadlifts at 135 pounds, is 6.75 Tons! My legs were very sore from two days of squatting. I wasn’t sure what I would be able to do today.

In the end I decided to scale it back. I went with 115 pounds (5.75 Tons is a solid work out) and stole an insurance policy from Drew. He did the WOD Rx, but rather than use 45# plates, he used 35’s and 10’s. The logic being if the 135 was just too much he could strip 20 pounds off quickly and continue on. Drew is smart! And strong! Like I said, he did this RX and finished in a ridiculously fast time. I’m jealous. I also know a good idea when I see it. I set up at 115 with a combination of 25’s and 10’s, just in case. To my surprise, I did all 10 sets of deadlifts unbroken. Push ups were another story.

I got through the first 5 sets unbroken. After that things degraded quickly. After the 7th set all push ups were done from the knees and no set after 5 was unbroken. Somewhere in the 8th set, Jack called out the time and I realized that I was mostly keeping a one round per minute pace. My spontaneous goal at that point became finish under 10 min. I missed it…stupid push ups. Final time of 10:12.

Today really just was one of those days where I was reminded how much pure play there is in crossfit. At least for me there is. I had a blast. That being said, after 3 straight days of workouts, I’m really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.