I might be on the verge of taking control of the jump rope, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Here’s what we were up to today.

WOD for Wednesday 011912 —
Take 30 minutes and work on 1 or 2 gymnastics skills

For Time:
20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Double Unders
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Toes To Bar

Jack lead us through the warm ups. Some quick stretches combined with a minute of single unders and a minute of double unders. The minute of single unders went very well. I was cruising along unbroken for quite a while and then I started thinking and things fell apart. My exact thought was, “hey, this set has gone unbroken for long time. This might be the day I go a full minute unbroken.” Fwap went the rope across the top of my toes. Crap! I false started trying to restart too quickly, but once I got airborne again went unbroken the rest of the minute. That’s good progress. Next time, no thinking. I should know better. It’s like that announcer who says, “this kid hasn’t misssed a free throw in 100 straight attempts. The next one will set a new school record.” CLANK!

For me the second minute was spent focusing on keeping the rope moving with double unders thrown in. So it was one or two singles, then a double, continue with singles until I felt in control of the rope again. Then throw another double. I tripped up a few times, but was pleased that I could control the rope fairly well. On one attempt I lucked into two double unders then successfully transitioned back to singles. Couldn’t replicate that trick though. But jumping rope is getting better. I really prefer working with the heavier rope over the other speed ropes around the gym. I just feel it better in my hands. Jack, while not discouraging using the heavier rope pointed out that I’ll likely “freak out” when I try to transition back to a speed rope. I’ll take my chances.

After jumping rope, Jack lead us to the rings for variations on ring push ups. Ten standard ring push ups. 10 ring push ups extending the right arm out to the side at the bottom of each rep. Then 10 extending the left. By the time that was over my arms and shoulders felt so good I decided to spend my gymnastics time working on pistols. 😉

Pistol reps(done on the 17″ box) were more evenly matched today between left and right leg . Right Leg 4-5-3. Left Leg 6-5-2. I then spent some time monkeying around with two-legged and one-leg roll ups. And when I say monkeying, I mean I looked like some drunk gorilla flopping on  a gym mat trying to roll myself up. It’s just going to take more practice.

There was still some time to kill, so I did 4 wall supported hand stands holding them for 30, 30, 45 and 25 seconds respectively.

The METCON went pretty well. I shouldn’t have let myself scale as far as I did. I don’t have Toes To Bars, and I really don’t have Knees to Elbows either, which was the scale. So I scaled by a factor of two and did toe raises on the floor where I have the full range of motion. This is one of those situations where I need to check my ego. The toe raises were fine, but I need to stop worrying about how I look doing the KTE, and just do them when they come around. It’s the only way to get better.

Finished the METCON in 6:36. Per Jack, those of us that don’t have consistent double unders didn’t need to double the reps for the jump rope. I took advantage of that doing singles with sporadic doubles thrown in for the rounds 20-12. From 10 down, I still did single reps and doubles but only counted the successful double unders that I could pull off towards the rep count. So I’d do 2 singles then a double and only count the double as one rep. I liked knowing that for at least part of the METCON I did the requisite number of double unders.