Not the strongest day ever. Not a bad day mind you, but not a power sort of day. Those are gonna happen, right? Was the kind of day when you realize how much work you still have ahead of you. Suppose those WODs are equally, if not more important than the ones you blast through.

WOD for Friday 012012
Power Clean
21-15-9-9-15-21 For Time:
Plate Thrusters (45/25)
Lateral Plate Hops

Coach Stew was leading the WOD this morning. He had us warm up with the Ring-of-Fire/Circle-of-Pain-Death-Misery (I forget the precise name) drill. In a team of three, with two different weight kettle bells, two of the three team mates do kettle bell high pulls while the third person runs in place. After 10 high pull reps, every body rotates one position. So for two out of three stations, a person is doing high pulls. The third, their running in place. Rotate continuously through the stations for 5 minutes. I had a pretty good sweat going on after the warm up alone. That’s what it’s for right?

Power cleans were not strong today. Never worked past 115# today. Actually, most reps were done at 105#. Stew came by and offered me some very detailed instruction, encouragement and suggestions to improve my lift, which is always appreciated. I’m not getting enough of a strong high shoulder shrug to pull the bar up to where it ought to be. There’s too much reliance on my arms to curl the bar up. The result is the bar is arcing out and away from my body. It’s proving to be a tough habit to break. It’ll come with time though.

The METCON was quite a work out! I was not looking forward to it. These style workouts where you work down and then go back up the ladder of repetitions are not my favorite. While exchanging plates during the cleans, I experimented with a few thrusters to figure out what weight to use. I settled on 35#. It seems Stew was feeling froggy (or was it squirrelly?) today. He conferred with ATD who was conducting the 6:15 bootcamp and they decided that the plate hops should be two count reps. That means instead of being able to count a jump from left to right as one rep, and then the hop from right to left as the second, we had to go left to right, then right to left for a single rep. So they just doubled the effort for that portion of the METCON. Glorious!

The thrusters went ok. I won’t claim unbroken. There were some extended pauses at the top of a few reps to catch my breath. However, the plate never touched the floor during any set. The lateral hops were very wearing and that was disappointing. I’ve mentioned in other posts how I’d like to take a serious downhill ski trip in early 2013. The lateral hops showed me today just how much work there is to do to get my legs and lungs in respectable shape. No set of hops were unbroken. Subsets ranged from no more than 5 hops to single hops. I expected more out of myself, but it wasn’t there today. Stew said at the outset that the METCON should be done in under 10 minutes. I wasn’t convinced that was realistic, but I made it. I don’t have my notes, but I believe the final time was 9:36. So in that respect, goal achieved.