So for those of you that follow the blog for the fitness aspect, it’s back. The time allocated for blogging over the last two days was dedicated to Whirlwind and Lil Bit to celebrate their birthdays. I still got to the gym both days, just didn’t get to write about it. So let’s do it now.

WOD for Monday 012312
Overhead Squats

Squats went pretty well today. Last time we did OHS for 3 reps (, I maxed out at 125#. The goal this time around to just exceed that 125.

The first two sets one done at 95 and 1 set at 105 both felt ok, but the set of 105 felt shallow. A second set at 105 only yielded 4 reps. A third set at 105, which was designated as 3 reps went well.

The fifth set was done at 125 and felt good. For the final set, I compromised my usual tactics. I only pushed my 3RM by 5# instead of 10 or 20. Griff was gracious enough to keep an eye on my form to ensure I got deep enough on all three reps. He said the first and third were good, definitely below parallel. The middle one was “questionable, but close.” Damn. Not sure how to call that. Guess it’s not truly a new PR, but at least it’s certainly attainable.

For Time:
50 shoulders to overhead (135/95)
The bar starts on the ground.
Anytime you put the bar down, do 6 Pullups

This was a daunting METCON on paper. Before we got started, I experimented with a host of weights. 135# was out of the question for 50 reps. I’d still be there today, if I tried that. From there, it seemed like a good idea to  split the difference between the Rx weights and so I experimented with a couple push presses at 115#. They felt very heavy. Jack pointed out that jerks were probably a much better choice over presses. He made two very convincing points 1) The jerk relies far more on getting under the bar than the press meaning a lifter is doing most of the work with the hips and legs and 2) especially the way I do the press, I’m VERY reliant on my arms and that was likely to burn up quick!

I’m all about taking the coaches advice, so jerks all around and reduce the weight to 105#. Ended up completing the WOD under 9 min. I actually believe I was much closer to 8 min than 9, but I failed to record the final time in my book.  Sets went 20 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps. That meant 3 rounds of pull ups done with a blue band.

Ran into some technical issues on the last set of pull ups (of course this was while Jack is watching and offering encouragement). The first 5 pull ups went very well, but I had to make three attempts to do the last pull up because not once, but TWICE my foot got hooked under the end of my own barbell which had wandered too close to the pull up rack! It was enough of an impediment that I couldn’t get that last rep. Yeesh! Once Jack slid the barbell away a few inches, I was able to get the last rep. In the end, I really enjoyed this METCON.

WOD for Tuesday 012412
Parallette Shoot Throughs
50 Strict Reps
Hold each position for a 1 count

As I commented on the CFD Blog we can add parallette shoot throughs to the list of “deceptively difficult manuevers that Paul has yet to master.” This is item #236. These shouldn’t be so damn tough! I can get from back to front to the hips extended position pretty regularly, although not every time. But going back I can not keep my arms locked out and curl the rest of my body tightly enough to pass my feet under and return to the start position! It was so frustrating that at one point, I had to convince myself that there physically was enough space. So I crouched down centered between the parallettes, locked out my arms and curled myself up. There are fractions of an inch of space there. So there is space, but it ain’t much. Ah well. This is why we keep coming back. To overcome new challenges.

3 Rounds For Time:
10 Supine Ring Rows
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Walking Lunges
40 Double Unders

This was a great METCON! Very intense. I was a soggy sweaty mess when this one was over and I liked it! I did the ring rows using the 24″ box. The last round, the reps weren’t full range of motion, but they were the full range that I could manage.

My legs were very surprised to be doing box jumps today and they rebelled initially. It’s been some time since I’ve done a WOD with box jumps and it showed through the first half of the first set. Eventually those evened out.

Walking lunges are another deceptively painful exercise. My hips were groaning through the first set until they got used to the range of motion somewhere in the last third of the first set.

Double Unders–I just did all singles and doubled the required reps. The last set I pulled off 75 unbroken reps and then stumbled. I let a very loud “shit,” or “damn it” over that one. Sorry 6:15’ers. It happens.

Final time was 12:38. I’m pretty pleased with both the time and the intensity.