So today’s WOD was a rush! Literally a head rush that left me feeling a bit shaky, but damn it was fun!

WOD for Thursday 012612
Handstands and Handstand Wall Runs
Perform 50 strict wall walks
For Time:
100 Burpees
Jump to a height 6 inches above your outstretched arm

Jack confirmed that the ‘perform 50 strict wall walks’ was the primary goal for today’s strength/skills session. Never had a chance to do wall walks before, so that’s where I put all of my attention today.

Wall walks are a weird exercise. It’s another one of those movements that I imagine some one dreamed up while they were drunk. It’s like the kind of monkey business we used to do back in college at ROTC parties….”OK. No more push up contests. Let’s try something new. Everyone get in the front leaning rest with your feet at the base of the wall. When you push up, reach one foot up the wall as high as you can and plant it there. Lift your other foot up to meet it. Got it? Cool. Now, walk your hands back until you’re doing a handstand with your stomach and chest flush to the wall. Then walk it back down.” It’s absolutely NUTS! But they’re a whole lot fun AND bonus, I can do these! Couple days ago I talked about the list of “deceptively difficult manuevers Paul hasn’t mastered yet.” Well, wall walks go on the MUCH shorter list of “exercises Paul’s reasonably good at.” I think this is item 7. Ball slams still hold the number 1 position on that list.

I did 27 wall walks over the course of 25 or so minutes. I did them in clusters of 5. Sets would imply that I did 5 unbroken reps. I didn’t. I did a couple, then rested prone. Did a few more and proceeded that way until I did 5 reps. Then I got up walked around, grabbed a drink came back and started again. Around 20 reps or so the limiting factor became going inverted. It wasn’t a matter of strength in the arms, but as soon as I started walking my hands back to the wall, it felt like all the blood in my body went slamming into my head, making me dizzy. I had to slow my pace between reps to let my head recover.

METCON 100 Burpees for Time — Hoo boy! This was a really tough one to pace out. My initial thought was to simply do sets of 10. 10 sets of 10 still sounded like an awful lot of effort. Then I considered sets of 20. When Jack started the clock, I really didn’t have a plan. We’ll file this one in the “Let’s turn up the juice and see what shakes loose” category.

It pretty much ended up being first set 20, all sets after 10-ish. Finished in 9:55. I was very pleased to get done under 10 minutes. I missed one spontaneous goal. I was in the mid-40’s when I notice Brandon pause to write out 50 on the floor. I thought, “ok, if I’m only 4 or 5 behind Brandon, let’s see if I can catch him.” I almost called out my reps when I hit 50, but thought better of it. I didn’t want to telegraph myself. I didn’t want to give up the element of surprise and inspire Brandon to go any faster. 😉 Ultimately, I couldn’t catch him. While I maintained the 4 or 5 rep differential, over the second half of the METCON that translated to almost a full minute in terms of time. Ah well.