Good day today. Learned some new tricks on the rings. Blasted through the METCON and discovered that my body is capable of producing all manner of funk previously unimagined. Like I said, it was a good day.

WOD for Thursday 020212
Muscle Ups
Take 20 minutes to practice Muscle Ups, transitions, or linking MUs together.

Jack showed us how to use a band on the rings to simulate the transition between the pull up and pushing through to the top of the ring dip for muscle ups. It will be a long time before I do a straight muscle up. There are tons of ring dips and pull ups in my future to get there and that’s fine. But this was a very cool way to get a sense of what the transition feels like as your body rises up, passes between the rings and you go to lock out your arms. Essentially, you use the band as a swing seat as you do with inversions. From that supported position, you haul yourself up and through the rings to lock out your arms. Over the course of the morning, I did 6 sets of three reps using a green band. Then did one set of 10 ring dips using a red band.

4 Rounds For Time:
10 Overhead Squats (135/95)
50 Double Unders

Jack and I discussed how to scale this METCON. The RX at 135# is 10# beyond my 3RM, so it seemed impractical. I suggested using 80%, an even 100#. He felt even that might be a lot. Ultimately, I scaled to 95#. It was a good weight. It was challenging, yet all 4 sets were done unbroken. The middle sets were strongest. First set was tentative and I think the depth on the squats was suspect. After that set things settled in.

I doubled the 50 DU’s to 100 singles, throwing DU’s at the 10’s. It made counting the reps simpler. The second set was the best. I went 100 reps unbroken, including the requisite DU’s! That was very cool. The other sets were not nearly that smooth, but decent. It’s making progress. I wanted to throw in more doubles, but the counting gets complicated quickly.

Final Time for the METCON: 8:30

Feb Flush Notes: So I started the Standard Process Cleanse yesterday. I’m feeling good. The shakes definitely take some getting accustomed to. Still tweaking the water to fruit ratio to make them truly palatable. It’s unlikely they’ll ever be pleasing or something I look forward to, (unless the good doctor starts letting me throw in a scoop of chocolate ice cream) but they’re all right.

Wrestled with a low grade headache for the majority of the day yesterday and today. Presume that’s the lack of caffeine. That’s surprising. Didn’t think I was that dependent.

Don’t think Day 1 of the cleanse impacted my performance on the WOD in terms of strength or stamina. But I did notice some physical difference–SWEAT! Today’s WOD was tough, but didn’t seem particularly tough relative to other recent WODs, but I was sweating like MAD. That’s saying something too, because I know I’m a sweat hog.

But I knew something was up right from the warm ups. Right from the very first set of jump rope (one minute of single unders) my shirt was soaked through! I don’t remember the last time perspiration has poured out of me like it did today. It got to the point that I was sincerely concerned about my footing on the platforms for the last set of squats. The puddle pooling under me was that substantial! I’m going to have to carry a towel to dry up my space for a while just to be courteous to the folks who work out after me. Maybe a 5# bag of Quick Dry too.

I stink different too! I know I stink when I sweat, but today was different. It was whole other type of funk. I apologize to the folks around me. It’s a temporary condition. I hope!